My New Year’s Resolutions

Ok, it is this time of the year again… To start thinking of the New Year’s Resolutions!

How about the traditional “I could try to loose weight”.

My sister-in-law is getting married in May, and I guess it would be nice to get little slimmer for a new dress and all. But then again… I love cooking and food, and I was anorexic for years and now when I am finally normal weight (with some stuff hanging off the sides of my pants and a defenately no-no for bikini), I kind of like it. I think thin people have far more pressure to look great, than people like me, who look just plain normal and weight rather more than less.

What I could try is to ski more. Not to get in shape and loose weigth, but to have fun! And maybe the ski days will help me to fit in a dress size one or two smaller in May.

And that comes straight to the next resolution: work less and play more.
Especially with the kids (and hubby too!).

I started my business over a year ago, and our site launched in February this year, and it has been work, work, work. The beauty of an online business though – once you get it going, it keeps going even when you are not working 14 hour days.

Well, I’m still working on that, but maybe I could try to relax a little too.

What I find really relaxing too – is writing. December has been just so extremely busy that I haven’t been able to blog as much as I wanted to. Oh yeah, and I just joined Facebook too, fun but time consuming… (Find me there!)

So for my New Year 2008, I will try to blog every day for the entire year! I am not that ambitous (crazy) that I will try to blog here every day, but between all the blogs where I write.

Are you up for a challenge?

Join me and others to Blog 365 and let’s blog every day for a year! Who is in? Let’s do this together!

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