Ballas Hough Band – Not Just Dancing With The Stars

Thanks to One2One Network I’m always in the know of the music news. I was sent the Ballas Hough Band CD for a review and if the names Ballas and Hough ring a bell – you are right, they are the Dancing With The Stars dancers Mark Ballas and Derek Hough. They are the lead vocals and play guitar in the Ballas Hough Band. In addition to the Dancing with the Stars dancers Ballas and Hough, the band consists of Harry Sullivan on Drums, Sam Marder on Bass and Emily Grace as Vocals/ Keyboards/Piano. Their debut CD is already a winner, the CD made it to the Top 100 Billboard Charts after being out only for a few weeks. The two DWTS dancers are used to winning, Derek won the Dancing with the Stars with Brooke Burke last season and Mark won in season 6 with Kristi Yamaguchi. I love their attitude to take it all and do it all – these two young men are so living the Skimbaco Lifestyle, living life to the fullest and I think are great examples of how hard work will pay off. The BHB CD is easy listening pop, that both me and my kids like. In fact it’s one of those rare CDs we all agree on listening. The music is pop/dance and makes us want to dance and it’s perfect car music to keep the daily car pool fun and kiddos and mommy jammin’. One of my favorites is Underwater though, little blue with great melody and makes me want to cuddle under blanket. Over all the CD has a nice variety of music, and it’s really impressive that the young members of the band wrote the music themselves. I think Ballas Hough Band is here to stay and I’m hoping they will go on tour once the Dancing with the Stars season is over, because with the boys’ dance experience, and music talent, I could almost bet Ballas Hough Band is the next Big Touring Band everyone wants to go see. The only question I have… what will happen to DWTS when BHB will be touring the world and no longer dancing in the show? You can also find them at Facebook and MySpace.

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