Perfect & Smart Snacks for Healthier You

I eat pretty healthy in general, but what gets me is the snacks… I love coffee (latte with lots of milk and sugar), cookies, chocolate, potato chips… You know, the extra food that you want to eat just for fun. I wanted to share two perfect & smart snacks with you that just recently found me. ZONE PERFECT I buy snack bars for my kids every day, and for some reason I never found a bar that I would feel that was for me. Not until Zone Perfect stepped into my life, perfectly by accident. As one of Walmart’s Elevenmoms my trip to SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, was sponsored by one of Walmart’s vendors, and my sponsor was Zone Perfect. As they approached me, I wanted to make sure this was a brand that I was comfortable with, and the product was something that I would recommend. I bought all of the different flavors from my local Walmart (which carried only three different ones) and tested the bars and they got my “approval”.

At the conference I was given more of the Zone Perfect bars, in fact quite a few boxes of them, and I carried a huge Zone Perfect bag with me and I shared a lot of the snack bars with other SXSW-goers and they were a big hit. However, I still had a lot left after the conference, the time flew by and I wasn’t able to pass all of the sample sized bars that I had gotten, so I brought them home. And now I’m totally addicted! Now instead of biscotti or cookie with my latte I grab a healthier snack, the Zone Perfect bar. SMART FOOD

I was recently invited to LA to visit Frito-Lay and they told me about their new Smart Food snacks coming out in April, and we got to test the new products and even bring some home. The SmartFood is guilt free snacks that are good, healthy, low cal but high in fiber and calcium, basically a lot what you want, low on what you don’t want. And with one word: delicious. SmartFood flavored fiber-popcorn comes in three yummy flavors and be sure to look out for them in your local store in a week or so. Perfect snack for those movie nights. And the bags are so small that you can literally sneak some in to the movie theater with you inside your purse.

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