City Bakery in NYC

City Bakery, NYC, New York City Bakery, Coffee shop

Located at 3 West 18th Street, City Bakery is the quintessential sugar junkie’s haven. The bakery hosts an array of treats that span the spectrum of sweet and savory. City Bakery’s reputation is largely founded on its mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies; melt in your mouth pretzel croissants, and its famous gourmet hot chocolate topped with homemade marshmallows. The cookies, which are baked every 30 minutes, are delicate bites of heaven that can be smelled blocks away. If you crave more of a salty treat, then the pretzel croissant is for you. This flaky concoction mixes sweet and salty for a satisfying result. Finally, City Bakery’s renowned hot chocolate lends itself to annual tasting festivities in the fall, in which patrons line the block to gulp down the gourmet treat and devour the handmade marshmallows. City Bakery, NYC, New York City Bakery, Coffee shop City Bakery is more than just your common New York sugar dive, however. This place is also a highly trafficked lunch spot among those in the Union Square and Flatiron district. Their lunch selection offers a salad bar stocked with produce from local farmers and organic distributors, as well as prepared dishes from Chef Ilene Rosen. City Bakery is open seven days a week, and has another location, Birdbath, in Greenwich Village. Visit it! The City Bakery 3 W 18th St New York, NY 10011 tel. 212-366-1414 City Bakery, NYC, New York City Bakery, Coffee shop

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