10 Great Travel Products

Here are some of the top travel products we have tested and tried over the years, and like. The great carry-on, on-flight wrap-around cardigan, the techy and the style and beauty products.. what’s your favorite?

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1. Mulberry Simple Clipper

Nothing takes traveling better than classic Scotchgrain luggage from Louis Vuitton or Mulberry. Mulberry is less expensive and also less copied. Mulberry is one of my favorite English brands, and the quality is superb. I used to work in a Mulberry Shop in Europe, and I would again and again see lifelong Mulberry fans showing bags they had owned for century or two and still used them every day. This Mulberry Simple Clipper bag is $550.

best travel products, top travel bags, luxury travel products

2. Diane von Furstenberg Betty Collection Wheeled Duffel

If you are looking for a bag with wheels instead – and a good deal, check out this Diane von Furstenberg’s Betty Collection Wheeled Duffel, it is a perfect size for overnight trips and as a carry on, it’s easy to wheel and I like how low you can zip it open, making it easy to pack and unpack.

best travel products, top travel bags, luxury travel products

3. Robert Rodriguez Oversized Sweater

I love long cardigans and scarves for traveling, they are great to wrap around and take a nap or stay warm on your flight (same goes on road trips). This Robert Rodriguez Oversized Sweater ($396) is great; even if you take a cross-country or Atlantic flight and want to stay comfortable its duration but look great when you arrive, this fits the bill. Wool-cashmere blend, so soft and cozy, yet luxurious.

travel sweater

4. prAna Willow Duster Sweater

Another great travel sweater is the Willow Duster Sweater from prAna ($90). It’s soft, it’s stretchy and it’s a little less posh than the Rodriguez sweater, making it a perfect companion for jeans, or leggings. It’s easy to dress up or down, and I bet it is going to be one of your favorites.

best travel products, top travel bags, luxury travel products

5. iPad

Yeah, really, and yes, might be self-evident to some.. but I have to mention it. Apple’s iPad eliminates having to take your heavy laptop, and allows you to save the battery of your iPhone during your flight. No Kindle or Nook or any other electronic reader needed, iPad brings you books, movies, magazines, games and yes, work too. Starting at $499.

6. Annemarie Borlind Orange Blossom Energizer

I used to buy this Lumene cooling stick under my eyes to refresh my eyes while traveling, but they stopped making it. My new product love is Annemarie Borlind’s Orange Blossom Energizer ($35.99), and while it doesn’t give you that instant cooling feeling, it gives your face a moisture boost while revitalizing and strengthening skin. I forgot my skin care products home last time I travelled overseas and was reminded in a very rough way how important it is to take your best skin care products with you when traveling, and that extra moisture is needed especially after those long flights. Oh, added bonus: the Orange Blossom Energizer doesn’t just revitalize, it also decreases the lines in your face!

7. iGo Anywhere Charger

iGo Anywhere Charger ($47.98) charges your phone on the go. It’s lightweight, easy to use and gives your phone juice when it’s all out. Note: you will need a special power tip depending your phone.

8. BottleWise Wine Tote

If you like buying wine as a souvenir from small local wineries, the BottleWise Wine Tote ($29.95) is a great travel companion keeping your wine and everything else in your luggage safe. Great also for olive oil, any other liquids, or culinary souvenirs.

best travel products, top travel bags, luxury travel products

9. Philosophy The Travel Agent

Philosophy’s The Travel Agent set includes all of their favorite products in travel size and in a clear travel-ready bag. Cleanser, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, bath & shower gel and firming body emulsion ready for take off, from Sephora for $35.

10. Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray

And last but not least… well, this might be the least stylish must have product to travel with, but you will not be sorry you did. Thanks for a tip from Aly Walansky, we will never ever get bitten by bed bugs again, when we pack the Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray ($17.42 for 6 small bottles).

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