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holiday gifts, trendy plates, gift ideas for home Even though mixing different patterns is very trendy, I am actually a big fan of simple dinnerware. But when it comes to salad and dessert plates I like to mix it up. When you have a solid color dinnerware set, you can easily mix fun and trendy plates with them without spending a fortune for a trendy dinnerware set. Dessert size plates also make great gifts for the Holidays for the same reason – they can be mixed with other sets or used only for breakfast or dessert without a large amount of other serving platters needed. Here are four fun patterns that are IN right now and would make a great Holiday gift. holiday gifts, trendy plates, gift ideas for home notNeutral City Plates ($50/each) look so cool and are a great gift idea for those who travel a lot. Get all of the plates from your city – or collect all of the different cities you’ve been or want to go. 14 different cities available from Las Vegas to Cairo and Paris to New York. holiday gifts, trendy plates, gift ideas for home If you are looking for New York City and Brooklyn related plates – Fishs Eddy is your place. Their New York City skyline plates look awesome and this new pattern “bridge & tunnel” continues their collection of awesomeness. 9″ plates $12.95/ each. Jason Miller Seconds Dessert Plates - Set of 4holiday gifts, trendy plates, gift ideas for home The Jason Miller Seconds Dessert Plates are edgy and trendy. The traditional dinner plate designs are mixed with birds that are not even an entire full picture. The plates are called “Seconds” – usually seconds are second quality products that print isn’t done right or have some flaws, who says everything has to be perfect? The set of four is $80. holiday gifts, trendy plates, gift ideas for home If the mix-match-mashup-birds is too much for you design wise and pocketbook wise, check out these cute penguin plates from west elm, four plates for $23 and the penguins are perfect for winter time and their colorful coats bring a smile to anyone.

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