Proud moment: 3 kids in 3 countries within 3 years

To celebrate a new reality TV show coming up on Lifetime TV Network where we can peek into a real delivery room in an Ohio hospital, all of us Lifetime Moms were asked to share a delivery room story. I shared all my three stories. My three children were born within three years and all of them were born in different countries. Life just sort of worked that way. Now looking back I feel very hard core and almost like a super mom for being able to go through all that. Being pregnant in a foreign country, with no friends or family. Moving to a different country while 6 months pregnant, or with a baby less than two months old (twice!). Becoming a mom for the first time isn’t easy, neither it’s easy to have two kids still on diapers (almost three!). But doing it all while traveling around the world or country, moving your entire household, being often alone as a military wife whose husband works long days… those years were absolutely insane and now looking back I have no idea how I did it. I have never wanted an easy life, and I rather have hard times than boring times. Yet looking back I feel so proud that I did it all. Of course those were the happy times, and some of the most amazing moments of my life happened during those years, but at the same time, I remember those days as busy as my life now with my own company and corporate responsibilities for the company I work for. In fact, I have more me time now than I did back in a day I was “just a mom”. Today my “me time” is my work. I wonder if ten years from today I look at back these years and think how did I do it all, and how come I was so busy already back then, even though I didn’t even do half of the things I do now. I sure hope so. I hope that my life keeps getting busier and crazier and I keep challenging myself. Because the feeling that I get from looking back and saying “wow, I really did that” is very cool. The feeling that I have had guts to do insane things like having a baby (on purpose) less than two months before moving overseas makes me feel stronger each day. It drives me to test my limits again, and ask myself “what else I can do”. Oh, and want to know my secret how I’m able to do it all…? I live life to the fullest. Every single day I take it as it comes and enjoy what ever there is to enjoy. I see bad things as exciting opportunities and road blocks as ways to learn a lesson. I’m thirsty to drink more of life’s nectar, and taste it as sour or sweet as it can be. I don’t want it perfect and the same every day. I want to taste a little bit of everything, because to me that’s living life to the fullest. That’s Skimbaco Lifestyle.

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