Fragranced Coffee Filter Flower Pom Pom Tutorial

Stay tuned for more home decorating posts and never miss a post – subscribe to Skimbaco Home feed. Coffee filter pom poms / flowers are inexpensive way to decorate your home, and they are great for party decorating or seasonal decorating. The essential oils add fragrance to these pom poms and they freshen the air too!   Coffee filter pom poms / flowers are inexpensive way to decorate your home, and they are great for party decorating or seasonal decorating. I have to admit though, that this DIY project was much more work than I anticipated, but they turned out beautiful. We made several different colors, and the pictures are from two different pom poms – just so you know that it didn’t magically change color in the middle of the craft. I like these the best hanging down, but we have two story high vaulted ceiling, and I just found it the easiest to create this center piece for our table with them and add them on the fireplace mantel. We added aromatherapy fragrance oils to these paper flowers so they also give out nice fragrance to our home! Supplies needed: Large Coffee Filters (40 per pom pom) Watercolors Cotton Yarn Additional: Essential oils if you want the pom poms to have fragrance Tools: Scissors Large Needle


You can easily skip this part if you want to make white pom poms or if you buy natural color coffee filters and want to make natural colored pom poms. You can use fabric dye and color the coffee filters even in the wash machine, or in large buckets, but I was doing this craft with my children, so we used watercolors. If you are making more than one pom pom, I recommend additional methods than individually coloring them. We painted and then we dipped 10-15 at the time in the colored water to speed up the process.


Add fragrance when the coffee filters are still wet. I recommend Young Living essential oils. I added about 20 drops in about 40 coffee filters stacked. You can also mix the oil with water to prevent the oil making dots in the coffee filters. Purification young living essential oil I recommend using Purification essential oil by Young Living for these, it’s a refreshing scent and purifies the air.


Dry the coffee filters. You can lay the coffee filters flat and let them dry, but we used a dryer to dry them. Sears sent us a brand new Whirlpool Duet dryer and I wanted to test it for all of the purposed we used a dryer, and I have to say it worked beautifully for drying coffee filters. If you have an old dryer, I would start very carefully, with 2-3 minutes at first on low setting. Be extra careful if you used the fragrance oils. But the Whirlpool dryer can be easily programmed to dry on super low heat and 13 minutes. After I was done drying the coffee filters, I wiped the dryer drum with damp towel and then dried it. coffee filter pom pom flower tutorial photo, coffee filter pom pom pictures, coffee filter crafts


Fold the coffee filter first in half, then again, and again, until you have folded it four times. This way you will be able to get a flower cut of 1/8 width petals. Cut the petals but cutting a half circle on the top of the coffee filter. Don’t unfold the coffee filter. I used 35-40 per pom pom flower. coffee filter crafts with kids, paper flower craft tutorial


Unfold the coffee filters one fold so they are heart shaped. Take a some cotton yarn and make a big knot in the end. Use a large needle to sew the petals together, it’s much easier. I broke a few smaller needles, so trust me on this one. I had my son sewing these together too, and I marked the spot for the petals for him. Since I was doing these with kids, I sewed them up in a bit higher spot than if I had been going them alone. You can go little closer to the corner than what we did. Keep sewing the coffee filter heart shaped petals together until you have 35-40 of them. Then tie the yard together, but don’t tie it too tight, make sure you can fit 4 fingers or so inside the loop. Even more if you added 40 or more petals. paper flower craft with kids coffee filter pom pom tutorial, paper flower tutorial


You are almost there! Now it’s time to buff it up, open the petals and finish your coffee filter pom pom flower. You will have to open every single petal, and since they are folded 3 times, you need to open each one of them three times to get the entire coffee filter open. Once you have opened them all, you can buff it up and move around the petals a little bit to make sure you have them evenly everywhere. Learn more about purchasing Young Living essential oils, and 8 reasons why join as a wholesale member.

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