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stylish shopping bags, eco chic shopping totes Since you are now scared with the all of the facts about using plastic and paper bags, let’s talk more fun things, OK? Like shopping for those reusable shopping bags and other eco-friendly bags. Remember that by buying and using reusable shopping bags you are contributing for the better environment, thus you can justify splurging on these cute bags. Saving the environment is worth it. Like if looking stylish alone wasn’t.

1. Cute Shopping Totes from Europe

Accessorize is one of my new favorite places to shop for fun bags, jewelry and more. The biggest problem with this store is that they have so many cute shopping totes that you will have hard time deciding which one to get. Their bags make you smile and nothing is better than making you smile every time you go to grocery store! Prices range in their canvas shopping bags from $20-38, but they also have lots of other kind of large totes and bags.

Luxury handbags can be eco chic too!

What about handbags? Yes, there are also handbags that are made using eco-friendlier products. For example Evolve45 is a handbags are made with certified vegetable-tanned leathers that are a byproduct of the meat industry and colorful organic cotton linings. The entire message of the company is that if we all evolve our consumption slightly, even forty-five degrees that collectively we can make a huge impact on a cleaner, safer environment. I adore the company and not just because of their message, but honestly – their handbags are so stylish!!

3. Bloomingdales shopping totes are stylish classic!

Bring the big city look to grocery store every time you shop, and get some stylish shopping totes from Bloomingdales. My favorite is the Bloomingdale’s Iconic Storefront Canvas Tote ($30) and of course the very loved replica of their paper bag, the Bloomingdale’s Medium Brown Bag Patent Tote ($35).

4. From candy wrappers to celebrity favorite – Ecoist

Ecoist has come long ways since it first started making bags from candy wrappers and other recycled materials. Today their collections is vast with so many new products added to their ever-loved candy-wrapper purses. Their 5 grocery shopping bag sets ($38) are popular even among celebrities such a Jennifer Garner. I also like their awesome large totes ($148) and the silver braided totes ($38), also made from recycled candy wrappers.

5. Granola Hermes

I couldn’t help but naming this bag Granola Hermes. It’s actually called Thursday Friday Together Bag, available at Singer22, and it’s available in four different colors for $48. You can pretend you left your real Hermes home and just carry this one to the grocery store. Photos: respective retailers/brands.

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