Beauty Regimen & Beauty Products for the Fall

As the sun cools down and the days become shorter, make sure to be prepared for fall by treating yourself to a whole new you. Read these beauty tips from experts and get a scoop on a few beauty products I love. Summer can be rough for your skin, and now might be time to do some damage control before the dry winter days are here. Especially if you have been tanning in the sun, swimming in salt water or pools, your skin is ready to get some pampering. I don’t like tanning because it leads to early wrinkles or even skin cancer and other skin problems. I also have naturally reddish hair, and very fair skin and I’m prone to sun burn, so I every summer I try to save my skin from sun damage. Either way – it’s time for fall time beauty regimen! Bonus: pampering yourself will make you feel better.

Fall Skincare Tips

Lesley Arena and Annalee Slaugh, estheticians of The Oasis Spa recommend facial and updating your home skincare regimen with every turn of season when the weather changes. You should maintain a skin regimen of exfoliation, hydration and protection and adding hydration during the fall. The trick to maintaining healthy, smooth skin during the winter is hydrating more during the fall. Come winter, your skin will look and feel healthy, not dry and flaky. Use professional quality serums and night creams. Serums have a more concentrated dose of ingredients so they target any skincare concerns. Now is also a good time to visit with your day spa salon to schedule your fall facial with a microdermabrasion treatment or with a peel to get rid of the summer sun damage. Or try a body scrub to get rid of dead skin followed by full body massage to hydrate and replenish your mind and body. At home, exfoliate two to three times a week to remove dead skin cells and prep your skin for rehydration. If you keep up with your skin regimen, your complexion will be overall brighter and smoother. Annalee Slaugh says “Try a great pumpkin peel enzyme added to your facial treatment. This treatment will dissolve and exfoliate dead skin cells resulting in healthier, glowing skin.”


Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Full Strength ($45) is strong as the name says, and I could probably use their more sensitive one, but it is my favorite peel because it leaves my skin brighter and just so refreshed and it really feels like it takes not just the summer off my skin, but maybe a few years too. Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish ($38) is simply amazing. It leaves your skin so soft, I just couldn’t believe it. It’s pure brown sugar blended with the world’s finest oils results in an entirely natural and stimulating exfoliant, and your everyday shower just turned to a pampering spa. Borghese Summer Glow SPF 20 ($29) is my new favorite product all year round. I fake the “natural glow” with this oil-free tinted foundation that is not just moisturizing but it’s also thin enough that your skin will have the natural glow look instead of the “too much makeup” look. Also, even if summer is over, it is not time to quit using SPF. Keep protecting your skin from sun damage all year round! Naturesome Nature Effect Fluid by Annemarie Borlind ($86.99) is a perfect light-weight moisturizer that moisturizes your skin but again, it’s not too heavy and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. It’s packed with natural ingredients like criste marine, immortelle and white tea, and it’s perfect to be used alone or with day cream. If I need to do a quick makeup, or need to wash my face and then do makeup fast, this is my go-to moisturizer. It moisturizers leaving your skin feel good for a long time, but it also leaves your skin feel weightless making it easy to add makeup. Disclosure: I have received some of the products mentioned here as a review sample, but my opinions are my own as always.

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