Decorate With Maps: Ideas How!

decorating ideas with maps I love to travel, and I love it to show in my home as well. But I like to keep my home very minimalistic, and try not to buy souvenirs, and things that, well, don’t really fit my home. What I love: decorating with maps! They instantly bring the world to my home, and give me the sense of travel, plus I think maps just look great, and usually bring great amount of color. Here are ideas how you can decorate with maps!  

Decoupage furniture with maps

decorating ideas with maps I love this idea of decoupaging an old chair with a map! Photo source.

Don’t throw away the broken globe!

decorating ideas with maps Broken globe turns into a bowl. Upcycling that looks cool! Photo source

Cavallini Vintage Map Calendars – so much more than calendars!

decorating ideas with maps I have been buying Cavallini calendars for years. They have amazing pictures, vintage graphic art, nature graphics – and maps. You can reuse the calenders after the year is over and I like to frame the pictures (you get 12 prints for 22 bucks) and I just used two map pages from an old calendar to do my IKEA clock hack.

Frame Maps & Get Crafty

decorating ideas with maps You can also take framing maps one step further and cut shapes like hearts out of them before framing them.

Map Tray Reminds me Of Stockholm

decorating ideas with maps I love this Stockholm map tray from Scandinavian Grace.

Subway Map Shower Curtain

decorating ideas with maps I like the MTA subway map shower curtain, but there are other map styles also available.

notNeutral Map Plates

decorating ideas with maps The collectible city plates feature 20 different city maps world wide. The entire collection is $900, and collections of 4 is $190.

DIY Map Plates for Wall

decorating ideas with maps Or… you could save a few hundred dollars and whip up some map plates on your wall with the instructions from PS. I made this

Decoupage soup can with maps = cute vase

decorating ideas with maps Remember this? Soup can turned into vase with a little help of glue and a map.

Map Pillows

decorating ideas with maps And I love map pillows, like the map world map pillow by ferm living.  

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