Olympic Fashion Color Trends and Ask the Stylist

Team Netherlands Showing How It’s Done

While there are some big league fashion names designing the Olympic uniforms this year, one company stands out the most for me: Suitsupply. Suitsupply, or more precisely, their head of Design, Murray Coetzee, is responsible for the Team Netherlands opening ceremony clothing, and I love how he created a versatile mini collection for the Olympians, and each athlete was able to create an outfit that fits her/his style the best. The overall look for the entire team was amazing – the team was wearing distinctly an uniform, yet everyone’s individuality was able to shine through and it didn’t look like an army marching in similar uniforms. The main colors of the mini collection are the colors in the Dutch flag: red, white and blue, but red was seen only in small amounts, and orange, the color the Dutch are known for, was used to give an amazing pop of color in pants and the trench coats. Orange, or tangerine tango, is also the color of the year making this color combo not just patriotic, but very trendy, while the look is very traditional with a modern twist. The Suitsupply’s clothing feature tributes to quintessential English sports such as tennis and cricket, and one of the pieces is a white cricket cable knit with trimming in the hues of the Dutch flag. For the men there are blue striped shirts and knitted ties and women have a nice mini dress in a strong blue color, inspired by Emma Peel from the British TV-series The Avengers. The cherry on the top, or should I say the tulip on the top is an over-sized silk tulip emphasizing the Dutch-ness – now, don’t you just love that? It would have been a very easy option to go with the red, white and blue color combo, also as a tribute to the host nation and their Union Jack, but I love how the Team Netherlands showed their true colors. I was able to find many clothes from J.Crew, GANT, RL, and Tommy Hilfiger to get the look, but here are my two favorite ones, pictured: orange blazer by j.crew and MICHAEL Michael Kors Skinny Jeans in whiteicon.

Silver, black… neon?

When my husband saw the US Olympic Swim team’s tracksuits with grey jackets and black pants, it instantly reminded him of the Army PT uniforms – and it’s so true! But when you really think of it, the uniform is super trendy with the silver, black and neon color combo. I would have liked to see at least the country name in the uniforms, but when getting Olympic inspiration, this color combo is probably the easiest one to follow. Especially I see sporting this to the gym, and keeping focused on my work-out! Perfect after workout outfit, completed with headphones and great tunes, of course. Have you noticed how many athletes listen to music while concentrating to their performance? Products: neon hair-tiesicon, black yoga pants by prAna, Nike neon running shoes Unity pullover by lululemon Urbanears headphones

Red, white and blue

We can’t of course forget our own Team USA. If you want to steal the look, RL made it much easier than trying to sneak into Olympic Village or the locker room to steal some of the Team USA’s clothing.. It is all available for sale, you can buy Ralph Lauren Olympic Collection clothing on their website, can’t wait to see you sporting the beret. Nah? Me neither. But I love the white skirt and white dress, and the belt is brilliant.


White has always been a great summer sports color, and makes me think of tennis and sailing. While I am not posting any fashion highlights of white uniforms that I’ve seen so far, but I wanted to post a few pictures from Rygby’s summer collection – these are just perfect for Olympic spirit. neon trend, stylist picks

Ask the Stylist with Ali Levine

Peggy Flemming, an American figure skater (1968 Winter Olympics) said ones: “The first thing is to love your sport. Never do it to please someone else. It has to be yours.” You know my sport? Fashion is mine, my sport, my hobby, my love! It’s Mine. Join me today in #trendstues and tweet your favorite Olympic fashion pictures! Let’s make Olympic fashion our sport for today! Fashionably Yours, Ali
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