Learn to Insta-Pin: add your Instagram pictures to Pinterest #IGtravelThursday

November 21, 2013 Katja Presnal

Learn to Insta-Pin: add your Instagram pictures to Pinterest #IGtravelThursday

Learn how to Insta-Pin - to add Instagram photos to Pinterest via https://s23188.pcdn.co/2013/11/insta-pin-add-your-instagram-pictures-to-pinterest.html

From Insta to Pinsta

Like the name Instagram suggests – it is instant. The picture gets snapped, the fingers on the phone screen adjust it to crop the image, a filter is applied and “share” button clicked and the photo is posted for the Instagram users to see on the top of their Instagram feeds… until it is replaced by newer photos and pushed down the feed. If the photos don’t have specific tags (that you will remember) or are from one of your favorite people (whose username you will remember), it is almost impossible to find the same photo again on Instagram without using the methods I mention in my book Instagram as your Guide to the World – How, What and Who to Search and Follow on Instagram to Help You Travel the World. Today I am publishing a short part from the book, and teaching you Insta-Pinning.
Insta-pinning: using a combo method of using a website like web.stagram.com or gramfeed.com for finding Instagram photos and Pinterest.com for bookmarking those photos.
Unfortunately you can not Pin images from Instagram.com website, but there are several different websites that allow you to view Instagram photos online. One of the best one for Insta-Pinning purposes is Web.stagram.com/search, and it works a lot like the Instagram mobile app search. You type in a search word or a hashtag and the site shows you all of the photos with the keyword. What’s great about Webstagram compared to some of the other sites is that it automatically adds the username of the person who took the photo in the comment section of your Pinterest image. It is always important to remember to credit the photographer and add the username or link to their profile in the images you pin. How to Insta-Pin - add your Instagram photos to Pinterest, tips from @skimbaco at https://s23188.pcdn.co/2013/11/insta-pin-add-your-instagram-pictures-to-pinterest.html

Insta-Pinning = Combination of Instagram and Pinterest

For serious travel planning, or just for sharing your favorite photos, I recommend Insta-Pinning, using Instagram and Pinterest together by finding Instagram photos using websites like web.stagram.com and gramfeed.com, and then bookmarking the photos with your own notes on a Pinterest board. This way you can easily save the photos you have found for future reference when you are actually making travel bookings or finalizing your trip plans. I recommend starting a Travel Inspiration board on Pinterest. On Pinterest you can now also create a private board that only you will be able to view, so you can always go back to those photos without publishing your board to the public. (When you are creating your Pinterest board click the tab “secret” to “yes” and your Pinterest board is only viewable by you.) STEPS HOW TO INSTA-PIN 1. Log in to your Pinterest account. Use http://web.stagram.com/search or Gramfeed.com to search photos. Just remember though, the rights of these photos belong to the people who took them, and always proceed with caution when you use other people’s photos. I highly recommend reading both Instagram’s and Pinterest’s privacy policies before starting to use either service. 2. Use keywords to find specific hashtags or usernames to find the photo you want to Pin. Browse through the search results until you find the photo you want to Pin and click on it. 3. Click the “Pin it” image under the photo and a new screen will pop up. 4. You can choose which Pinterest board you will want to add the photo, and write your own notes under the photo. Click “Pin it” and you’re done. webstagram-pinterest-final Now you can easily find the photo you found on Instagram in one of your Pinterest boards. I pin my favorite travel photos to a specific Instagram Travel board, and if you would like to join our Instagram Travel board to add your favorites from the Instagram Travel Thursday community, please let me know and I will tell you more about it. pinterest-instagram-travel-board

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Katja Presnal

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  1. Pam


    I joined this site today and wanted to learn to istagram. I can’t locate the instagram e book can you point me in the right direction please?

    Thanks so much.

    • Enjoy Life Oils

      You can subscribe to my newsletter just by adding your email address to the box and the ebook will be automatically emailed to you!

  2. Thanks for the tips, just spent a morning by the woodstove adding some of my instagram pics to some of my pinterest boards – what else is a girl to do on a windy rainy day in Leitrim?

  3. As always.. plenty to learn from you! Love this tip .. i’m constantly saving the pictures and editing them before pinning them. This sounds way better.. I really need a travel inspiration board! I’m getting on it!

  4. I am so thankful for Webstagram. I don’t know why the Instagram interface is so un-search-friendly (is that a word??) but if it weren’t for places like Webstagram, I would miss a lot of the best pictures in my feed!

  5. Reeta Laaksonen

    I’m off with everyone else to check this out – a great idea if it’s not that difficult to do!

  6. Perfect and timely post, so far I’ve been saving my IG inspiration images from other users on different folders on mobile, but it is not as handy as I can’t add any notes. Going to give this a go too!

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