This Smart Mama goes around the Blogging Community

Even though I have been posting a little less here lately, I have been going around the Blogging Community…

My article was just posted at Smart Mama site, this site is the newest addition from the Pinks & Blues girls. Lots of advice, tips and smart stuff, from Mama to Mama. I don’t know how smart I really am.. but I wrote about how to choose clothing in way that you’ll have your dream wardrobe AND you’ll be ecological and economical too. It really is possible – read how.

Then thank you Stacey for giving me the Community Blogger Award. Stacey is such a cool gal, I really like her! When I started blogging her blog was one of those first ones I visited and thought “I want to be part of this blogging world”. Thank you so much for all of you for taking me “in”.

One of my blogging friends, Laura from Tennessee thought I should do the crazy eights meme.. So here it goes.

And then for those who get my RSS feed (I know you’re there, and I’m honored, thanks for getting me in your mailbox!) – sorry, there will be tons of posts coming up, when I post my Holiday Gift Guide.

8 things I’m passionate about:

1. My Husband, extremely passionate.

2. My Family, very passionate.

3. My Family’s Health, not just passionate, but fanatic.

4. Being a good wife, should be more passionate.

5. Being a good mom, super passionate.

6. My business and my writing, and pretty much everything I do, I just do passionate things.

7. Cooking, I cook with passion.

8. Fashion is my passion.

8 things I want to do before I die:

1. Spend my 50th Aniversary and still be crazy passionate about my husband.

2. Attend my three kids’ weddings.

3. Live in NYC.

4. Travel more, if I said places, 8 wouldn’t be enough.

5. Write a book.

6. See some grandkids.

7. Build my dream house (again)

8. Start another business.

8 things I say often:

1. I love you.

2. Please, be quiet.

3. What do you think?

4. Do you know how much I love you?

5. Stop fighting. (to kids)

6. What’s happening?

7. Do you want some coffee?

8. Perkele

8 books I’ve recently read:
These are probably the latest.. Life is crazy right now, I don’t really have time to read books :(

1. Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

2. Books about SEO.

3. Pour your Heart to it,How Starbucks Build a Company One Cup at a Time by Howard Schultz

4. Tons of magazines, like Cookie, Parents, Body + Soul , Everyday with Rachael Ray, Instyle… I love magazines.

5. The Girl’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business: Candid Advice, Frank Talk, and True Stories for the Successful Entrepreneur by Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio

6. My kids love the On the Trail of Colorado Critters to see what animals we see.

8 songs I could listen to over and over:

1. Come away with me, by Norah Jones

2. Don’t know why, by Norah Jones

3. One, by U2

4. Discotheque, by U2

5. You were meant for me, by Jewel

6. When you Say Nothing at All, by Alison Krauss

7. Dreaming my Dreams, by The Cranberries

8. Dissappear, by Mazzy Star

8 things that attract me to my best friends:

1. Honesty.

2. Humor. Usually good sense of humor.

3. Trustworthy.

5. Crazy, in a way or another. Usually in good way.

6. Innovative.

7. Laughter and ability to have fun.

8. His cute butt (goes just for my best friend, my hottie husband).

8 things I’ve learned this past year:

1. I am living the life I want to live.

2. Nothing is more important to me than healthyness and happiness of my family.

3. I want to live in Colorado.

4. Tons of new stuff about SEO, blogging, programming, and internet in general.

5. Enjoy little things in life, everyday. Live like today is your last day.

6. You should never trust anyone.

7. Sometimes the best family you have isn’t even related to you.

8. Equipment matters. I’ve never skied as well as last winter, when I got really good skis, bindings and boots.

8 people I think should do Crazy 8’s

1. Stina

2. Nikki

3. Dawn

4. Christine

5. Jane

6. Tuulevi

7. Alexia

8. Mama Zen

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