TruKid offers help for dry skin

The dry winter weather is ahead and I can already see that especially on my children’s sensitive skins. It is time to start thinking about skin care and protecting skin from the weather to come.

Did you know there are approximately 10,500 ingredients used in personal care products, and only 11% of those chemicals have been tested for health and safety? It’s pretty scary, huh? It is extremely important to take notice what kind of skin care products your children use. Younger children absorb chemicals through the skin at a larger surface-to-volume ratio when compared with older children and adults.

TruKid is the first all natural skin care line designed for children over 3 years old. They have a wide variety of lotions, lip balms and other skin care products – all chemical free and not tested on animals. The company promotes healthy lifestyle and offers a lot of great tips how to teach children live healthy.

What I find the best: it’s all really designed a child in mind. The products look colorful and fun, the healthy living is taught with fun games and songs.

For example… I just love the idea of encouraging washing by singing this Bath Time song, while using TruKid Bubbly Body Bar

Bath time, Bath time
(Sung to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”)

Bath time, Bath time
Oh what fun!
I don’t want it to be done
I use my soap and sing this song,
I get so clean, you sing along
Bath time, Bath time
Oh what fun!
I don’t want it to be done.

Also a reminder – it is not time to pack up the sun lotion until next summer!

Sun will have UV rays all winter long too. I have to remind myself of this every year – I have forgotten the sun lotion way too many times when going skiing. This year – I’m already prepared for the ski season and stocked up with heavy duty sun lotions.

I’m especially excited about this Sunny Days Face Stick sun lotion (10$) – it is so easy to take along (and no messy lotions). Not to mention how cold the lotions get in the ski backpack – this stick is just a neat way to bring the sun lotion to winter fun.

TruKid skin care products make a great Holiday gift too – something any mom would appreciate. Get TruKid skin care products for children now for over 25$ and get a free CD with fun songs promoting healthy lifestyle!

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