Fall 08 must have: Trench Coat

A.P.C. Belted cotton trench, 440$

Jessica is luring me to win a Flip Video camera… and all I have to do for a chance is to post my Favorite Fall 08 Fashion Look.

Jessica was just picked to be one of Walmart’s (Yes, part of Walmart’s re-branding and new logo is that the “-” of Wal-mart is dropped off) eleven selected moms helping Walmart launch a community video contest of moms’ money saving tips. Now Jessica is asking to give her a Fall 08 Fashion Trendy Look, which she will try to recreate for under $75 – where else, than at Walmart.

Since I know Jessica, and how she loves a challenge, I’m not giving her an easy task, and I’ll be pretty impressed if she can pull this look from Walmart…

Enough of introduction.

My favorite fall 2008 fashion outfit is a trench coat, a striped tee, a colorful handbag that pops of the outfit, and wide leg jeans (and you can replace the jeans with a dressier skirt like in the picture above for more formal occasions). This is the perfect go-anywhere-outfit for a working mom as myself – it looks professional, but enough “mommy” when picking up kids from school.

PS. You might also know Jessica as the WishMom – the Chief Mom Officer at Wishpot.com
  1. Hello, again!
    I love your blog so much – I found SMALL magazine via this site – I added you to my Generation X Bloggers Across the Globe list on my blog. Can you let me know what year you were born? Also, if you are still living in Colorado, can you let me know? If so, I will move you to the state’s list. Thanks, jen

  2. You have a very nice blog/Web site. Very fun. I’ve found some great stuff here. I am working on a project – 50 Generation X Bloggers from 50 Statess. Do you mind me asking if you were born before 1984? I am considering a few blogs from Colorado for Colorado GenXer, and need to make sure they are all born between 62 and 84 before I dive much deeper into their blogs. I have kids and will be back to see more of your shop and blog.

  3. Kyllä sulla vaan on ihan loistava tyylitaju!

    Mä en tiedä mikä mulla on, että kun kuvia katsoo huomaan kyllä mikä on hyvännäköistä, mutta sitten arkena olen todella laiska pukemaan itseäni mitenkään tyylikkäästi, vaan aina mukavuus etusijalla ja siis se laiskuus.

    “En mä nyt viitsi meikata kun sitten täytyy pestä ne meikit myöhemmin pois” -Krista

  4. We sort of have the same taste! I chose a lighter topcoat with a brown lower cut shirt and a skirt with a brown shiny bag:)

    Good luck!

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