Top 10 Bamboo Products for Babies

Did you know bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, and requires very little water? This and other tidbits of bamboo you can read from my first article as a Beauty & Fashion editor at Type-A Mom.

I am a huge fan of bamboo fabric not just for the ecological reasons, but also for it’s silk like softness. When it comes to babies clothing, the softness, comfortability and practicality come hand in hand when choosing the best products. Bamboo offers all of them. Bamboo fabric washes well, is antibacterial and hypoallergenic and ecological. And did I mention bamboo is so soft … in fact I think you just need to try it to really believe it!

I have been searching for the cutest bamboo products for the little ones in the family and I am happy to share the top 10 in bamboo baby products with you.

1. Kimono Onesie by Booda Bellie

Booda Bellie has a great collection of eco wear for kids, and the rumor goes that soon they’ll offer clothing for adults as well. My fav from Booda Bellie is this adorable Kimono Onesie. I loved kimonos when my children were babies; they are so easy to dress, and look cute too. I like that this one is a kimono onesie, making it even better than just a kimono.

Booda Bellie Kimono Onesie, 22$

2. Bamboo Ruffle Onesie Kicky Pants

Speaking of onesies… This Kicky Pants ruffle onesie is just adorable and perfect for the little princess. Made of 95% bamboo and 5% lycra for added comfort. You’ll love checking out the other Kicky Pants products too – soft cotton one piece overalls, maternity clothes and even toys.

Kicky Pants Bamboo Ruffled Onesie, 18$

3. Reversible Eco Terry Blankie by Baby Boomba

Baby Boomba makes cute organic cotton onesies and they nursing hide-outs, and are now adding bamboo products to their collection as well. The Reversible Eco Blankie comes in variety of prints, and are made of 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton. The other side is soft terry cloth, other side is stylish print.

Reversible Eco Blankie, 30$

4. Contrast Tee by Sprout

Sprout is your destination to one of the best selections of eco friendly clothing for children. Most of their clothing is made of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton mix. The designs are modern, fresh and simply irresistible.
Contrast Tee with a surfer picture 25$.

5. SwaddleMe Bamboo Blanket by Kiddopotamus

Fussy baby? SwaddleMe blanket will help. Babies love being wrapped for this SwaddleMe Bamboo Blanket offering soothing snugness of the womb. You will also feel good knowing it is made of soft 100% bamboo fabric.

SwaddleMe Bamboo Blanket 14.99$.

6. Robe with Trim by Timboo

Bamboo doesn’t make just great fabric for clothing – but also for accessories in terry cloth. Timboo line of bamboo baby accessories like towels, bibs and wash clothes is available at Baby Dagny, and one of my favorites is this bath robe, made of 100% bamboo terry.

Organic Robe with Trim 35$.

7. Bamboo Baby Fork & Spoon Set by Bambu

You can also find cribs and toys made of bamboo wood. I think this bamboo fork and spoon set by Bambu is just way cool, and much better than plastic.

Bamboo Fork and Spoon Set 6.99$.

8. Bamboo Jersey Newborn Kimono Style Baby Sacque by Beba Bean

Like said, I love kimono style clothing for babies, and this sleep sack is a kimono and a sleeper combo. Soft 100% bamboo jersey, made by Beba Bean. It comes in several color options, and is sized for a newborn up to 3 months old.

Kimono Style Baby Sacque 29.99$.

9. Bamboozle Bamboo Diaper by Bummis

I can’t imagine going any more green with your baby than using bamboo cloth diapers. The Bamboozle Bamboo Diaper by Bummis consists of 4 layers of bamboo fabric. Bamboo makes the softest and the most comfortable and absorbent diapers. In fact bamboo fabric absorbs 60% more than cotton, and is naturally antibacterial making it the perfect fabric for cloth diapers.

Bamboozle Bamboo Diaper 18.50$.

10. Sustainable Bamboo Booties by Sage

Bamboo booties. Little feet need some goodness of bamboo too. May I recommend these Sustainable Bamboo Booties made by Sage. I found them from Organic Baby Warehouse and they have a great selection of affordable organic cotton and bamboo products for babies.

Bamboo Booties 7.95$
  1. Don’t forget Bamboo Bibs! :)

    I am a Mompreneur from San Jose, California. I invented a unique bib that I believe all parents of droolers and dribblers out there would truly appreciate. I call them DRIBS! They are handmade from eco-friendly fabric, Bamboo and Organic Cotton. The neckline of the bib is designed to stop drool and milk from dripping down into the folds of a baby’s chunky neck—preventing that awful yet familiar sour milk stench. And instead of Velcro (which sticks to everything you DON’T want it to stick to in the laundry) the clasps are made from magnets! Easy on and easy off!

    Please take a look at my website, http://www.dribsinfantbibs.com, and let me know if you think my Dribs are worthy. I’ll be more than happy to send you samples. Looking forward to hearing back from you!


    Huong Remotigue

  2. I too love bamboo clothing! The softness of bamboo fabric is truly amazing. The fact that it is naturally antibacterial, wicks moisture from the body, and is an eco-friendly, sustainable crop is just a bonus!

    I sell the Kicky Pants ruffled onesies at http://www.littlespeckledfrog.com and can attest to how truly adorable and comfortable they are. My daughter has the Kicky Pants Bamboo dress and wears it almost every day. She just loves it!

    Bamboo is such a great fabric. I really hope more people discover it. Thank you for our “Top 10” list and thank you for showcasing my store!

    Marlo (aka Mama Frog)

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