Green Tip #7 10 no-cost ways to celebrate Earth Day in ten minutes or less

Read all my previous Easy Green Tips and then read 10 more easy ways to go green, starting today. 1. Turn the heat/air conditioning off as often as you can. Open the curtains open during the day to get the sunshine (and warmth) in and use an extra blanket during cooler nights. Or don’t turn the air conditioning on – open the windows during cooler nights and close them on the morning and keep the curtains down to keep it cool. 2. Buy local produce. If you shop in the supermarkets, ask the manager to source local products. 3. Make signs to put on the mirror over faucets to remind family members to turn off water when they are brushing their teeth. (You can save an average of nine gallons every time you do this.) 4. Read your news & gossip online. Cancel subscriptions to newspapers or magazines you don’t really want. 5. Go online to CatalogChoice.org to free your mailbox from junk mail. 6. Join a group like Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, Kids for Saving the Earth, the Wilderness Society or Co-op America. 7. Talk to the principal at your children’s school about instituting environmental education in the curriculum and apply for a 20,000 grant for your school for eco-friendly projects at Earth Day Every Day. 8. Check to see that your tires are correctly inflated. 9. Sign the “Birds and Climate Change: Ecological Disruption in Progress” petition at Audubon.org. 10. E-mail your state or national representatives about a green initiative. Read more green tips at Celebrate Green.

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