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This Mother’s Day Season I am featuring several Gifts for Moms by Moms and a series of Mompreneur interviews. Todays mompreneur is Marla Bosworth of Back Porch Soap Company. The Back Porch Soap Company’s products are completely vegan and not tested on animals, the bath product line is free of sulfates and parabens and mainly made of organic ingredients. Over all I get that warm and fuzzy feeling when I thing of Back Porch Soap Company – here is the picture of the logo so you’ll see it in your own eyes what I mean. Oh – and keep reading, wait ’til you hear the tag line.

Katja: Please introduce us yourself and your company Back Porch Soap Company. Marla: I am the founder and owner of Back Porch Soap Company, a retailer and wholesaler of handmade, sea-inspired bath and body products. In addition to my website backporchsoap.com, my products are sold in upscale boutiques and resorts all over the U.S. Back Porch Soap Company was founded in 1998 – literally on my back porch. Our company tagline is “Life is Short, Smell Good”. It doesn’t get any simpler than that does it? Katja: I absolutely love your tag line, makes me smile every time! Since we are talking about Mother’s Day.. What is your best Mother’s Day memory? Marla: Let’s see…1972. I was eight years old, and I had a very special gift in mind for my mom. I found and cleaned a metal Planter’s Peanut container. Then I grabbed a bag of tiny shell macaroni from the kitchen. I spent hours perfectly gluing the shells onto the container. Somehow I found gold spray paint and sprayed the entire creation. You can imagine how excited I was to give it to my mom. I’ll never forget the look on her face. She acted as if it was the most beautiful creation she ever saw. The best part? I saw it over Christmas on a shelf in her new home. All these years, and I didn’t realize she still had it. Katja: I love that story! If you could choose anything in the world, what would be your ideal Mother’s Day Gift? Marla: A handmade card with a handwritten, heart-felt note from my 14 year old daughter. Katja: For those who are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, which one of your products is the best seller this Mothers Day season? Marla: So far our bestseller for Mother’s Day is the sea-inspired Ocean Lover’s Gift Set. It is perfect for any mom, and especially the mom who loves the ocean or beach. This beautiful, handmade bath and body gift set includes a moisturizing and light Ocean Mist liquid pump soap, two sea glass and one sea salt bar soaps, seashell potpourri, a white six-inch sugar starfish and an adorable soap dish. It is packaged in a galvanized metal tub adorned with a white starfish that can be reused as a planter or container to hold special mementos. I even enclose a special gift card with a message at no extra cost.

Virtual Mother’s Day Gift For Marla I know Marla loves the sea, and I would like to gift her a relaxing vacation on a beach destination. Then again, she has the beaches of Massachusetts right on her backyard, and for every day relaxation I can see her sitting in this Chesapeake Adirondack Chair after a day of soap making.

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