Store Spotlight: FISHS EDDY & Droolworthy New York Dinnerware

When you are looking for urban dinnerware, fun yet stylish items that look great in your kitchen cabinet, but also have a function, enter Fishs Eddy, dinnerware with retro urban feel. Their New York City skyline dinnerware is a classic, and the newer patterns are soon to be classics or collector’s items. The prices are low and many of their collections are also great for families with kids. Here are some of their signature items and my favorites.

1. 212 New York Skyline series is the Fishs Eddy signature collection with the familiar skyline of New York City. The demitasse cup & saucer $13.95. 2. Don’t forget about Brooklyn – there is a collection just featuring the unique Brooklyn and it looks awesome even if you don’t live in Brooklyn! The crock $14.95. 3. Pedestrian collection is modern yet has an old time feel, and makes great decorator’s pieces (that are ah so functional), starting at $12.95 4. Skyline glassware matches the skyline dinnerware, but it was just too good not to feature. Looks great on open shelving and when the prices start at $3.00 per glass this is a great choice for kiddos, and their parents who want to keep it stylish. 5. This Decorative Hand reminds me of my aunt – she has a few of these full of jewelry and they make a funky display and easy access to your jewelry. A steal for $4.95. 6. Alphapet mugs are fun and make a great gift! $7.67 and the person who you are giving it will never know how cheap it was. Thanks for the store tip to Marla at Back Porch Soap Co. (she has cool products there too!).

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