Easy and Inexpensive Party Decorating Tips from my Makeup Party

Pictures from my this week’s e.l.f. Cosmetics Makeup At Home Party like promised! I wanted to create a pink themed party and I was able to bring pink into my party with spending less than 10 dollars for the party decorations (I bought pink roses and napkins)! Be resourceful and use what you have! I was able to make my modern black and white living room to look somewhat shabby chic by mixing in some pink and pink roses! party-pink-decorating Bring in Pink (or insert your color) and don’t spend much money: TABLECLOTH makes a big difference and easy big color splash. Brightly colored table clothes are sometimes difficult to find, so buy flat sheet instead. I have a collection of different colored sheets that I only use as table clothes. Since you only need one flat sheet (I use Queen size, but Twin is enough), you can usually find them on sale, when the matching bedding is sold out. Note: buy good quality sheet of thick cotton, I recommend 300tc, you can not pull this off by using a cheap polyester blend sheet. CANDLES are great way to bring in the color, but can be expensive. It might come cheaper to buy colorful votive holders that you can use year after year and just buy tea lights inside. NAPKINS – if you really want to make your money to stretch and be green, buy fabric and make cloth napkins (sheets are too thin). You can use them year after year. I couldn’t find ready made pink cloth napkins for cheap, nor had time to sew any, so I just opted for paper ones this time. LAMPSHADE really gives a nice touch. If you don’t want to splurge on a new colorful lampshade, just get ribbon or a scarf and tie it around your lampshade. I brought in two lamps from my girls’ room. FRAMED PICTURES – have simple photo frames in hand and use them when decorating your home for a party. Swap the pictures according your party theme. I like printing my own photos, cutting pictures from calendars or even glossy magazines, and flea market find books. Post cards and vintage maps are my favorites. FLOWERS bring in short term color. I like fresh cut flowers, but you might also like silk flowers that you can use for party decorating. Remember to pack them well after the party and you can save them for year after year. NATURE in general is great way to get decorating items. During fall time collect colorful leaves for centerpiece – or frame them! Pine cones are great, collect them on the fall and use them all winter long. For my pink party – the conch from Bahamas finally fit in my living room, and the sea shells and rocks made it tie in nicely. FOOD has to be the most eco-friendly way to get color to your party – that is if you eat it! I made pink cupcakes, pink croissants and had container of pink candy. You can get my recipes at Skimbaco Lifestyle! OTHER FABRICS… like curtains, pillows, throw on the couch, even your furniture. I used old curtains to upholster my dining chairs and inserted matching fabric inside a glass vitrine to get more shabby chic pink into the room. You can also use ribbons to tie or embellish your curtains, throws as rugs -or even covering furniture! I had a swag bag stand covered with an antique bed spread. The “stand”… it’s uninstalled IKEA furniture still in boxes, if you must know.. Instead of me just covering it – I made it to have a function in the party!


upholstering-use-what-you-have pink decorating
  1. hey katja…awesome job and tips…. you have done your home truly modern and chic…love the idea and we can see a bit of the pink sheet cover…like how you swagged it take away the sheet look. and i agree, better to wait for sales and get at 300tc but better to have 400tc or above if you can find some on sale.. when I was in Germany years ago I bought 600tc there were absolutely divine…felt like silk after a few washings… ahhh.. i miss them thinking about it… also miss shopping at my old Stockmanns!!!! Fun to be able to share that with someone.
    kiitos palyon. heyhey.

    cathy b

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