Top 6 Things You Need to Do Now to get Ready for Ski Season ’09-’10

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It’s first of October! October for most people is the time to enjoy the autumn leaves, and have fun with kids on Halloween, for ski enthusiasts it is the time to start already thinking the upcoming ski season. Here are the top six tips what to do in October to get ready for the upcoming ski season. 1. Book Your Ski Trip To get the best deals to travel this upcoming ski season, book your trip in October. Flights are cheaper when you book them now and many resorts offer travels deals, and you can save a good chunk by booking already now. Depending the location, many ski resorts try to open the slopes already around Thanksgiving, but since there is no guarantee of the weather, make sure to contact your favorite ski resort to ask when they are planning on opening, before you book your early-season ski trip. 2. Save Money on Gear – Shop Now for Last Season If you are fast, now is the time to get the best deals on ski gear – if you are willing to buy last years models. You can save up to 75% of the retail price on last year’s ski gear, as the stores are getting ready to stock their shelves with new winter 2010 ski gear. Better yet… some stores offer pre-season sales, like for example Sun and Ski Sports – they already have some winter 2010 skis in and you can save up to 200 dollars on some of the newest skis. 3. Save Even More Money on Gear – Swap or Rent If for some reason you can not find a deal on new skis right now, or still would like to save a little more money – look for local ski swaps, check out used skis at eBay, Craig’s List or see if a ski rental shop is selling any of their used inventory. Your local ski shops will know about the ski swaps – just call and ask! If you are looking for ski gear for kids – look for garage sales, post an ad for Craig’s List to buy used gear or rent it. Most ski shops have season rentals, and you don’t have to worry about returning the skis until the end of the season next spring. If you plan on skiing with the kids only a few times a season, I would also consider renting directly from the resorts you are visiting.

North Face Femtech TRICLIMATE® Jacket, new for winter 2010.

4. New Ski Gear is Coming! If you are a ski freak, you will want to know the latest and greatest ski gear coming up, and wait until you can get the coolest new gear. It’s that time… some gear has already arrived to stores, and will keep coming the upcoming weeks. While some ski equipment is already in, not all brands are in yet. But several clothing brands have already started shipping new fashions for winter 2010 and for example North Face already has new styles in stock. My favorite is the three-in-one jacket above.

5. Get Into Shape Ok, most of you skiers are probably sports fanatics during summers too. Me – not so much. Getting shape for ski season will be my main goal for October and November. If you are a lucky Wii-owner I would like to recommend a Wii fitness game that will get you in shape by the start of the ski season. Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009 will be available on October 21st and I had an change to meet Jillian and get to preview the game a few weeks ago. Let’s just say that you will feel this workout and you can focus on building strength and whole body coordination with this game. Instead of using equipment to exercise you will use your own body and gravity to get the best results. You will need all your muscles for skiing – this game will wake up even those which ones might have been taking a siesta all summer long. Another great brand of shoes that I just found out is Earth Footwear – their shoes have soles that make you feel a little bit like you are walking toes up – this makes you work your muscles in a new way and the just walking with the Earth Shoes will strengthen and tone your body. Yes – just get a new pair of shoes and burn more calories and get in shape. 6. Get Your Season Ski Pass on Discounted Price Many resorts are offering reduced priced season passes still a few more weeks. The cut date for discounted season passes for several ski resorts is October 15th, from Park City Mountain Resort in Utah to Killington Resort in Vermont.

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