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Skimbaco has always been about spreading the sunshine and paying it forward, but I admit, we could do better here in the blog. Introducing new feature: Links we like and bet you like them too! Introvert? Extrovert? Who are you? asks Jessica in her post and explains the difference between the two. The definitions may surprise you, and you might even learn something new about yourself. Stand Up Paddling in Hawaii has never been in my must-do things – because I didn’t even know what it is until reading about it at the Vacation Gals, and now I am adding it to my bucket list. You will need to read more about this vacation sport, it looks pretty difficult but I would love to experience it, and say that I’ve done some SUPin’ in Waikiki Beach. 3 Simple Stylish Summer Outfit Ideas were just what I needed from Charmed Valerie because the weather is finally getting warmer and the resort wear I have been wearing in Florida all spring long doesn’t look as good in New York. Oh, and you need to read more Valerie anyways, she is the most fashionable preggo mama I’ve ever known. If someone can look like her with a kid and while pregnant, you have no excuse. Lessons Learned from Tim Gunn by chic Erika also includes almost the same style lesson from Tim. “Either you make an effort with your appearance or you don’t. End of story.” Read the entire post for all Tim’s lessons, and how Erika got to spend an entire day with him and even asked some tips for her upcoming wedding! Best proposal ever is a proposal video that Bryce shared at The Luxury Spot, and you just have to watch at least the first 6 minutes of it. The.best.proposal.ever. I’m not going to give it away, because you will just have to go and watch it. Retro Future Ads For Facebook, YouTube & Skype are a must see too! The retro Facebook ad alone is brilliant, but you must see the rest of them. Oh, and speaking of Facebook – if you like this post, give it a “like” and spread some sunshine among your friends too!

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