Tips How to Set Up The New Pinterest Profile Page

March 16, 2012 Katja Presnal

Tips How to Set Up The New Pinterest Profile Page

how to rearrange the boards on the new pinterest profile page, pinterest new profile page Hey! If you like this post – you might want to subscribe to Skimbaco Lifestyle via email! We keep you up to date what’s in right now. Pinterest just rolled out the new profile pages last night, and before you start setting your profile page, please read these tips.

New Pinterest Profile Page Features

The new profile page let’s you to organize your Pinterest profile page and arrange the boards in the order you want. The bio section at the profile page changed and if your bio was very long, it is cut off and you might want to rewrite a shorter bio to fit the space. The new changes also include being able to see all activity in a new activity tab and three users who have repinned your pictures. The feature which shows which three users have repinned your photos seem to be random – I don’t think it’s your most active repinners, nor the latest three. I was unaware of the thought behind this feature – but in fact Cara @ pointed out that it’s the top 3 Pinterest user YOU repin from, so it’s in a way your referral of three users. how to save the boards on the new pinterest profile page, pinterest new profile page The follower and follower pages have a new look, and you can see how many pins and boards the users have, but you can’t see for example their follower and following numbers. The most dramatic change is the ability to arrange your boards and the visual look of the Pinterest profile page.

How to Rearrange Your Boards on Your New Profile Page

Arranging your boards to a new order on your Pinterest profile page is easy, but if you have a lot of boards, read these tips before – it took me sometime to get it right.. how to rearrange the boards on the new pinterest profile page, pinterest new profile page How to rearrange your Pinterest Profile Page boards: 1. Click the “rearrange boards” button next to “edit profile” and the button will turn into a red ✓ mark. 2. Drag your boards to the desired spot. 3. Important: click ✓ mark to save, do NOT click the X to save or all of your changes will disappear. how to save the boards on the new pinterest profile page, pinterest new profile page 4. TIPS: if you have a lot of boards, minimize your screen to see them all at the same time, this makes it significantly easier to drag the boards to desired order. Well, unless you have hard time seeing and recognizing the boards from each others. (you can minimize your screen by clicking command + minus sign, and you can make it big again with command + plus sign). tips how to rearrange the boards on the new pinterest profile page, pinterest new profile page

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Katja Presnal

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Comments (30)

  1. Katharine Whittaker

    Is the “command” button on a Mac the same as the “Ctrl” button on a Windows machine?

  2. Laura

    I don’t have the profile page that allows me to arrange my boards. Is there a newer version since approx. April, 2013 ?

  3. Cheri

    I don’t mind subscribing for the Monday email. If it’s one email. I have so many emails I can’t read them all. I hope the new Pinterest update has done something to address the barrage of emails of every person who pins. I get 200 to 400 emails a day just from Pinterest! I only tolerate it because I enjoy the program so much. Thanks!

    • Enjoy Life Oils

      I agree – Pinterest sends way too many emails and I have hard time figuring out how to stop them all. Seems like I try to stop them, but more emails always come :)

  4. Dena Torrez

    I am having trouble seeing more than the first page of each of my boards…When I get to the bottom of the page…it just stops, even though I have hundred more pins in that category…any suggestions? Thanks!

  5. E

    Thx for sharing this info. Wondering if you could shed some light on viewing a board … I can no longer see more than 50 or so pins in my boards. A small screen to the right is visible but blurry … any hints for this techno dummy ? E

  6. Stacy Alexander

    Thanks for the tip. I have rearranged my boards before and found it hard to navigate. I’m glad you mentioned minimizing the page. I will have to try it that way. I know how to minimize my page by double clicking on the top bar and using the arrows, but I have no idea what the command button is… Can anyone enlighten me??

    (please write command button in subject)

    • Enjoy Life Oils

      Hi Stacy! I minimize the screen by using the command button at the same time as – button. And then you can get it back large again with Command and + button.
      minimize: “Command” and “-”
      make larger: “Command” and “+”

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