Live a Little: Don’t Let Negativity Get You


Refuse Negativity

Today I’m encouraging you to eliminate negativity from your life and refusing negativity to get you down. It may not be all that easy, negative people and negative attitudes and bad news easily surround us in our every day lives, whether it’s depressing song lyrics on morning radio or grumpy check-out girl at the grocery store. It’s life. There are still many things you can do to stop negativity from other people getting you down. Don’t let others define your limits, and belittle what is adventurous to you. Don’t also let other people to bring you down and define what happiness is to you. A friend of mine quoted a Finnish proverb on Facebook this week that translates into something like “you’ll know your true friends when in a time of need,” meaning that friends will show their true colors when things are going bad for you, and they will be there for you. She said something interesting that she has noticed the complete opposite – you’ll know your true friends when things are going well! And think about it, it is so true!!! Have you ever noticed when you are so excited and happy about something in your life, your “friends” start belittling it, or are not joining you to celebrate it? Sometimes this is the worst kind of negativity in your life you can get!!! If you are in your journey to live Skimbaco lifestyle to enjoy every day life and making the best out of YOUR life, you might have to sometimes rethink the people you surround yourself with. You might have to fight the negativity around you and you can’t fight it with negativity. You have to fight the negativity with positivity, or kill with kindness, like they say. I sometimes say the best revenge is being awesome, and while I don’t really literally mean I want revenge, I do mean that you have to fight the negativity with positivity, and just have to keep on going doing the things that make you happy and you know in your heart that are the best for you. Most importantly; don’t let the negativity to get you down. How are you living a little?  

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