Ask Yourself: How Did I Get Here?

Ask yourself: How did I get here?

How often have you looked at your life and thought “how did I get here”, and not in a good way? Wondering what happened with the dreams you had and how come you ended up somewhere totally different? More importantly, how often you look at your life in an amazement “how did I get here, this is more than I ever dreamed of”? I was recently on a trip in Mexico with a few fellow bloggers, and we were sitting on a boat and watching the incredible blue water of Sea of Cortés (pictured) and a few of them had the “how did we get here” talk feeling incredibly thankful for the rare opportunity to travel and be on this boat and enjoying the sea. I was incredibly thankful of being there too, and loved every minute of it, but it made me think the opposite: how did I end up living a life without any MORE time by the sea and on boats? I grew up spending every single summer on a boat. Water is my element like nothing else. To me the sea has always represented the infinite possibilities of adventure and life experiences – you could sail your boat to a new harbor and experience something new while being on your safe homey boat. I know what happened, a married a pilot, whose element is air, and who does not feel the same way about boats at all. On that moment I felt like I was living the life I was supposed to be living, on that boat in Mexico and realizing that this was what I had been missing in my life so badly, without even noticing how deeply I needed the element of water surrounding me, and the feeling of living life to the fullest when on a boat. A little voice inside said to me that I should find a skipper with a boat and run away to sail around the world to full fill this need of being surrounded by water, on a boat. But a louder voice inside me was agreeing with the other bloggers on the trip – how truly blessed we are that we have been able to create this lifestyle surpassing our wildest dreams. Because I know if I WAS on a boat sailing the seven seas, I would be craving the many adventures I have in my life now. One that one moment, I had both: I had my moment of bliss on a boat and my amazing life including the wildest adventures and events that I could have never even dreamed of when I was just a little girl and spending my summer days sitting on the back of the boat and watching the waves and dreaming of sailing the world one day visiting the exciting harbors of it. Go figure, I had to marry a pilot to realize that it’s actually faster to see more harbors and exciting places in the world when you fly. Sometimes life has it’s weird way of giving you exactly what you wanted even when you didn’t really even know what you were after. Now when you ask yourself “how did I get here” think of the choices you have made by following your heart and where they have gotten you. Have you found unexpected new “harbors” in life that you never even imagined visiting? Is your life the opposite you thought it would turn out – in good or bad? Is your life going to right direction or should you steer the course?

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