Benefits from Drinking Coffee

Benefits of drinking coffee – are there any?

I need my coffee, and I was glad to read about some health benefits drinking coffee can bring me. Caffeine is one of the most researched food items, and seems like new caffeine research results come up yearly, if not monthly. Here is some research information about the health benefits of caffeine, and especially good news for java junkies like me. The recommended caffeine intake a day is 300-400 mg*. It is around three normal cups of coffee or just one big one. This  Grande size (medium) coffee from Starbucks has alone the recommended amount of caffeine! Caffeine overdose is rare, but possible, and the main side effects of caffeine are hyperventilation, insomnia or palpitations. Don’t quit going to Starbucks just yet, the newest reseacrh results show us that a few cups of the nectar of the Seattle siren is actually good for you. CAFFEINE REALATED RESEARCH RESULTS: 1. Finns love coffee and the national usage of coffee is twice the amount as in the US, and they have done several coffee related researches in Finland. The latest result: Drinking coffee prevents Parkinson’s decease. Finns researched this for 22 years and according the results the people who drink at least 4 cups of coffee a day are 40% less likely to get the Parkinson’s disease. 2. The relation between caffeine and heart disease is still under a research. There is some research results saying that coffee drinking is associated with increased heart attack risk, but the research result just published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claims that drinking coffee decreases the risk of heart disease in older people (over 65 years old). This health benefit was age related. 3. Swedes say that coffee protects you from liver disease, especially from liver cancer. This research result shows that two cups of coffee a day decrease the risk of liver cancer by 43%. 4. Do your colon a favor – drink coffee. You might know that coffee helps ingestion, that’s not new news. Drinking coffee does not increase the risk of colon or rectal cancer either say the Harvard University reseach team. Even though coffee has many health benefits, remember not to drink it too much. The key is moderation! Drinking coffee can also increase stress, raise blood pressure among other health problems. Individuals who suffer from disorders of the cardiovascular system should avoid coffee. Some amounts of caffeine found in drinks: Coffee, brewed: 90-110 mg. per 8 oz cup Espresso, one shot: 50 mg. per cup Coffee, decaf: 2- 5 mg. per cup Tee: 25 – 110 mg. per cup Cocoa: 2-20 mg. per cup Cola-drinks and other sodas which include caffeine: 36 – 90 mg. per glass. Red Bull drink: 80 mg per can Starbucks bottled frappucino: 90 mg Starbucks Grande Cafe Mocha: 116 mg Starbucks Grande regular coffee: 372 mg.   * The recommended amount in the US is 300mg/day, in Canada it is 400mg/day. Sources: McKinley Health Center at University of Illinois Journal of the National Cancer Institute Finfood

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