Oh, I’m Enchanted

Don’t read if you want the movie Enchanted to surprise you!

My Prince Charming took me and our two princesses, and the little prince with golden coins in his pocket to see the new Disney movie Enchanted tonight.

The movie starts as an animated film, with a girl Giselle and Prince Edward, who fall in love and are about to get married in Andalasia. Of course there is an evil step-mom, who wants to prevent the wedding and sends Giselle (played by Amy Adams), to a place where there are no happy endings. Giselle turns into a real woman, and turns up in New York City. No happy endings in NYC?

Giselle literally falls into arms of a handsome divorce lawyer Robert (played by Patrick Dempsey), and during the course of movie finds out that there actually might be a happy ending for her fairytale – in NYC, with Rob. Half of America’s women are swooning over McDreamy, so great casting for a man who wins the Prince Edward in the battle of charming Giselle.

The movie has talking chipmunks, and a cleaning crew of doves and mice, like Cindrella had.. and poisoned apples, a dragon and even a shoe gets lost behind at the ball. All the classic elements of Princess Fairytales, with music, singing and a happy ending. Amy Adams is the soul of the movie and she does amazing job singing, dancing and simply just being enchanting.

The movie was really cute for the whole family to see together. The amount of adult humor was really minimal, almost non-excistent, even though in one scene Prince Edward (dressed as a prince, with the tights and everything) knocks in the door of an appartment, and a biker man a’la YMCA video opens the door and is.. well, enchanted to see the visitor.

The message of the movie is still a little unclear to me though.

I guess it is the classic fairytale, happily ever after, but my daughter raised a really good question after the movie. Didn’t Giselle do wrong, first getting engaged with Prince Edward in Andalasia and then hooking up with lawyer Rob..? That part was a little difficult to understand for my children. Giselle and Prince Edward had known each others only for one day before the wedding, which was supposed to take place in Andalasia, the animated fairytale world. When Rob finds that unusual, Giselle answers that you will know right away if you are meant to be with someone – and that is the definition of true love, isn’t it? Rob explains Giselle that in real world people normally date first, before getting married – so Giselle sort of dates both, Prince Edward and Rob, and in the end chooses Rob.

My answer to my kids: the message of the movie is – date first before getting married. As a helpless romantic myself, I find the love-at-first-sight much nicer though, and also something that does happen in real life, not just in fairytales. The date-first-to-make-sure-it’s-the-right-one of course makes sense and is a safer lesson to tell little girls soon to be teenagers, but I can’t help thinking – Enchanted would have been much more romantic and fairytale-like without one girl hooking up with two guys. I want to teach my children, that there is one soulmate for everyone, and you will know it the minute you meet that person. Prince Charmings do exist.

Maybe it’s just me, living in my own fairytale Fantasyland, and that has nothing to do with reality.

I asked my husband what did he think was the message of the movie, and he answered “follow your heart” – see what I’m talking about, The Prince Charmings do exist!

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