Easy way to add traffic on your blog

Did you know that secret to adding traffic to your blog is writing a good title? Would you like to have a place where you could see which titles in blogosphere are getting the most interest?

Check out Traffic Jam, a new site of thousands of blogs in several categories like Parenting or Shopping. Your blog might already be there, if you have the BlogRush widget on your site, and if you don’t have it yet, now it’s the time to add it.

How it works? The bloggers have the widget in their blog, showing blog titles of other bloggers’ recent posts – and their own posts are shown in the thousands of blog widgets in the other users’ blogs. Or better said: the TITLE of their latest blog post is shown in the widget.

I think the best thing about TrafficJam for bloggers is to see which posts are getting those top spots – and examine the titles. Writing an effective title for your blog post will drive traffic to your blog, and TrafficJam and BlogRush are helping you to determine which titles are good, which ones are bad. TrafficJam is now being updated every 24 hours, and they are still figuring out the best updating interval. It will be a great spot to show you, what is popular and what is written in your niche market.

Just keep in mind that the popularity in Trafficjam means popularity in BlogRush – meaning that it’s really the title of the post that gets the traffic.

Even if you don’t want to add the BlogRush box in your blog, and don’t want to be part of TrafficJam, writing an effective title is important for several reasons. The title improves your blog post showing up in the search engines, it’s the box around the product, it’s the ad to click on, it’s the thing, that makes readers read.

A few tips on good titles:

– shorter the better – max 6-8 words.
– use words that grab interest like “new”, “first”
– summary what you write about, yeah sex sells, but don’t use the word if you are writing about your aunt’s funeral
– be smart, funny and outrageous but remember to summarize what your post is about

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