Are Kraft Bagel-fuls too krafty or just the thing for busy mornings?

People at Kraft are asking if I’d like to trade my bagel breakfast for a Bagel-ful.


Or this?

You had me with Andrea Rosen

The Kraft Bagel-fuls TV ads got my attention. I have to say, put comedian Andrea Rosen on the TV commercial and it always gets my attention, she is good! (She is also seen in Yoplait ads among others).

You know the TV commercials I’m talking about..? The one with a woman who has a ferret as a pet and the one with two women in a bus, other one eating a Bagel-ful and wearing a huge diamond ring?

The other woman is asking questions about the ring (like “where did you get it”) but the one eating a Bagel-ful thinks she must be asking questions of her amazing new breakfast on-the-go, Bagel-ful (“my husband gives me one every morning”).

Why I think it’s brilliant? When you look at a Bagel-ful, let’s be honest, doesn’t it look like a little brother to a corn dog? It doesn’t really look like a culinary masterpiece, does it? The other woman of course talks about the huge bling bling ring or the pet ferret. But the women actually eating the Bagel-fuls think their new breakfast is so good that of course others are jealous and want to know more. And I think the message Kraft is trying to put out there – once you try it, you’ll love it comes out perfectly in these TV commercials.

What is a Bagel-ful and why it might have never gotten to our breakfast table

Bagel-ful is a bagel and cream cheese rolled into one. And Kraft wants you to try these new easy Bagel-fuls – Kraft is actually taking Bagel-fuls on a sampling tour this summer and visiting over twenty cities including Dallas, Detroit, Atlanta and Chicago. Heck, Kraft even wanted to know my opinion and send me some samples. That’s good, because I don’t think I would have ever bought the Bagel-fuls, if they hadn’t appeared on my doorstep in a cooler box.

Why I probably would have never bought Bagel-fuls? When it comes to food, I rarely take shortcuts. I am a busy business owner and a work at home mom, and while I might not have time to cook a five course meal everyday, I try not to buy processed food and take many shortcuts (I rather put my husband to cook for us).

Let’s just say that in our family in the four times a year we make mac and cheese, it’s made from scratch with hand grated cheese, not from a Kraft box nor using Velveeta. And like Paula Deen, I know there is no product that could replace such a basic ingredient like butter. We buy organic food, and our children’s favorite TV personalities are Rachael Ray and Bobby Flay (winning even Hannah Montana). Even our 5 and 6 year olds might do some occasional name dropping mentioning Alton Brown and Cat Cara.

I think you could even call us foodies.

And what did this foodie think of the Bagel-ful?

I wanted to give one of the chive flavored Bagel-fuls a try and popped it in a toaster. I was a bit worried of my toaster and the cream cheese coming out and messing it up, but no problems there. And you know what? The Bagel-ful wasn’t bad. No, it wasn’t bad at all. Actually it was really good. The Bagel-ful got nicely little crunchy on the outside but the cream cheese inside was still perfectly cold – just like on a bagel. I have to say, I was impressed. I started wondering, is processed food always this good, or is it just the Bagel-fuls..?

I did try the Bagel-fuls cold too, and I have to say it was a little chewy – I didn’t try microwaving, so I can’t say how it tasted zapped, so I would recommend using your toaster – I think the trick really is the get the little crunchiness to it by toasting.

I still prefer my bagel with fresh strawberries, which doesn’t really take than many more minutes to fix, but I now consider getting some Bagel-fuls just for those mornings we are all running late, or for a quick afternoon snack. They might be great during traveling too – so you don’t have to buy a whole container of cream cheese for your vacation house or right before you are leaving for a trip.

According to the Impulse Research survey 70% of moms said the availability of quick and easy options is the most important characteristic when preparing breakfast for their family. And I would much rather see any mom popping a Bagel-ful into a toaster than a Poptart, or giving her children this new bagel roll instead of those rainbow-colored breakfast cereals. It has 200 calories and no trans fat. Of course it isn’t the healthiest food choice you can make, it is still a processed food product, but in the world of Twinkies and deep fried of everything, it’s not your worst choice either.

If you want to give it a try, Bagel-fuls come in five varieties: plain, whole grain, chive, cinnamon and strawberry and are available at the grocery store frozen food section for around two and half dollars (four in a box).


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