Turkey Tortilla Soup

December 19, 2010 Katja Presnal

Turkey Tortilla Soup

southwestern turkey soup, tortilla soup, turkey leftovers, south western soup, tex-mex turkey soup Turkey Tortilla Soup is our family’s traditional leftover soup – we also make this recipe of left over roasted chicken. I’ve shared this recipe many times before at Skimbaco Lifestyle, but wanted to add it in my new food blog as well. It’s super easy to make and we even make this in ski lodge on our ski trips – it’s the perfect soup after a cold day in the slopes. You can easily adjust this recipe to spicy if you’d like, but I roast and skin the jalapeño, it isn’t hot at all, but if you like spicy food, skip roasting and skinning the jalapeño and just sauté it with garlic.

Turkey Tortilla Soup Recipe

southwestern turkey soup, tortilla soup, turkey leftovers, south western soup, tex-mex turkey soup 1 big heaping soup bowl of turkey / chicken leftovers in small pieces 1 jalapeño pepper bunch of green onions 1/2 stick butter 4 garlic gloves, minced 1 32 oz container of chichen broth 32 oz water 1/2 can (15 oz) can of corn 1 large 28oz can of Roma tomatoes 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro 1/2 teaspoon of ground cumin (optional) 1/2 teaspoon paprika (optional) serve with: cut avocados tortilla chips / tortilla strips / quesadillas cut green onions (the green parts) sour cream shredded Mexican style cheese southwestern turkey soup, tortilla soup, turkey leftovers, south western soup, tex-mex turkey soup 1. Roast jalapeño the oven on broil it for 10-15 minutes until roasted – until the jalapeño looks all black. Cut the pepper open under cold running water, the cold water will make it easier to peel of the skin of the jalapeño. Peel the skin off and remove the seeds. Mince into small. 2. Cut the green onions in half and cut only the white ends, save the green for later. Mince garlic. Melt the butter in a large soup pan. Add green onions and garlic and saute for about 10 minutes on medium heat (while jalopenos are in the oven). 3. Add minced jalapeño and saute a few more minutes. 4. Turn the stove on high heat. Add half of the chilchen broth, the can of tomatoes, corn and the turkey/chicken strips and let it boil. Add rest of the chicken broth and water, and turn it back to medium heat and let it simmer for good 30 minutes stirring every now and then. (good time to set up table or make dessert). 5. Mince fresh cilantro and add to the soup. (You can substitute to dry cumin & paprika, but for me the cilantro is a must). 6. Cook on medium heat another 30 minutes – gets better the longer you cook. If you cook more than 1,5 hours, add more water or chicken broth. 7. Cut rest of the green onion in a serving bowl, as well as the avocado. Make quasadillas (tortillas and cheese – broil in oven for 5 min per side), tortilla strips (cut tortillas in strips and fry). 8. Additionally serve with sour cream and cheese. We sometimes add salsa on the top too to make it hotter. , ,

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