Live a Little: Refresh

Hi there! Live a Little feature comes to you very late this week, but hopefully the message is even stronger that way – you know I live by my words and I have been living life to the fullest and taking a break from blogging. Kind of like what I recommended in my Pinterest tips – start LIVING your Pinterest boards and making all those recipes and craft ideas you have been gathering and turn off the computer every now and then. It does good for you. It has done good for me!

Live a little: refresh

Great reminder for spring: refresh. Whether it’s a full blown big spring cleaning, or just refreshing the spring closet, or getting a few new flowers, REFRESH. Get a new look for you, your home, or your daily life, and please come and share how you refresh your everyday life this spring. I am doing a MAJOR overhaul in many aspects of my life, moving from New York to Sweden was only the beginning. Soon also Skimbaco Lifestyle will have a new refreshed look, and I will also start offering part of the content in Finnish. Please excuse our mess the next few months, I am refreshing many things in my home and here at Skimbaco Lifestyle, and hopefully will have internet soon also in my new home, and will be able to share all of the refreshed things with you. In the mean time – please share in the comments what YOU refresh this spring. Participate to Live a Little Participate to Live a Little blog hop! Write a blog post how you “live a little,” what’s your small way of living life to the fullest and add your blog post to the InLinkz widget above. Rules: Link either to Skimbacolifestyle.com, OR get the InLinkz code – or do both! If you post the widget in your blog post, please add the rules as well.

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