For Men: Packing for a Winter Getaway in Aspen

Greetings from Aspen

As a travel lover, when I was presented with the opportunity to travel to winter hotspot, Aspen, I knew I had to take full advantage of this opportunity. I have always traveled to warmer destinations in the past, but am very excited to jet off to a winter destination. I must admit, I have never skied before in my life, let alone clip my foot into a ski! However, at Skimbaco we are all about embracing new experiences and trying new things. I cannot wait to have my first ski lesson in Aspen! I will be staying at The Little Nell, which Travel Insight writer Leigh mentioned as one of her top picks for a luxury holiday adventure.

Packing for winter adventure in Aspen

What does one pack for a winter adventure in Aspen? This is my first experience, so I hope my bags are filled with everything I will need to have fun and look good on the slopes. I approached the always dreaded task of packing by breaking it into categories: ski clothes, apres ski, and boots.

Ski Clothes:

Having never skied previously, my closet was not prepared for the slopes. I headed to a ski outfitter and picked up some new clothes. After doing some research, I knew to avoid cotton anything and opted for all moisture wicking fabrics. I picked flashy spyder pants, Under Armour base layers for extreme cold, and non-cotton socks.

 Apres Ski:

 Sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters. From shawl collar to crew neck and wool to waffle knit, I packed them all. I opted for sweaters with winter intarsia and design that I thought would be fitting for the ski lodge. Sweaters shown are from Ralph Lauren and Jack Wills.


 This may be the first trip where my suitcase is not filled with driving loafers and boat shoes, but seeing as the streets will be covered in snow I am packing accordingly. A tall pair of Ralph Lauren winter boots will be perfect for heading to the slopes while the classic LL Bean Boot with fleece lining will be great for getting around town while still incorporating a bit of my preppy style.

Last but not least, the jacket. Perhaps what I have found to love most regarding winter fashion. I will be packing my Moncler jacket to stay warm, but very on trend at the same time.

I think I am ready to take on the slopes of Aspen as I try skiing the first time today. Is anyone else heading off on a winter holiday of skiing? Please share! Monsieur Curations - Men's Lifestyle at Skimbaco Lifestyle, feature by Wes Holland

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