Holiday Gift Guide: Stanley Brand Gifts for Every Man in Your List

Christmas Gift Guide 2015 - Best Holiday Gift ideas for everyone in your list

Stanley Brand Gift Ideas

This Holiday season – check out Stanley Brand for classic gifts that won’t disappoint the guys in your list. Wes just described a certain type of man in his post about a luxury gift for men – the stylish man, who sips Scotch whisky in the front of the fireplace, and checks the time from his luxury watch. I can see my husband doing it, especially before we had three kids, and maybe again after the kids have moved out. I can see my dad doing it (although his poison is cognac). And this idyllic picture describes my German uncle perfectly. Brooke and Wilhelm play Nat King Cole, and burn luxurious candles as they spend a romantic newlywed evening in the front of the fireplace. I can see Matt and I doing it just the two us again… when kids are older. Father and son by the fireplace But truthfully, many the men I personally am gifting this year, are more likely to put on warmer socks, and tell stories of outdoor adventures to the kids and family gathered around by the fireplace. I can see my dad telling the same story about boating adventures in archipelago he did when he was younger several times during the evening, and I can also see he him having a secret Stanley flask he thinks my mom doesn’t know about. I can see my husband setting the fire in the fireplace and teaching our son how to roast chestnuts, and plan on ski trips they will be taking together this winter. I can see my father-in-law and brother-in-law in the front of the TV watching football and perhaps drinking beer… or eating ice cream, while talking about the the numerous games they have seen in person this season. Stanley Brand gift ideas for every guy in your list https://ooh.li/aa2cc8a For some men, the luxury is in the luxury goods, but then there are the men to whom the luxury is a life where watch isn’t needed, and the people around you and the experiences you can create outdoors are the real luxury in life. For many men, the luxury means the mix of both worlds; the luxurious products that make you feel like living life to the fullest, and spending more time doing the things they enjoy. One thing we can’t argue though: the time is the new money, and the time well spent is more valuable than anything else. For the guys who you think could use some Stanleyness, check out these gifts from the Stanley Brand. See the deals that are in stire this season at Stanley Brand https://ooh.li/aa2cc8a Adventure Happy Hour Set – $35 – for cocktails on the go. Classic Flask – $25 – for the little something-something to keep him warm in the cold. Classic Vacuum Growler 64oz – $50 – for keeping beer cold for up to 24 hours. Classic Vacuum Pint 16oz with bottle opener – $15- this pint keeps beer cold 4.5 hours.



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