Free Gifts when you Join Young Living in August!

fFree gift when you join Young Living in August 2016

Free gifts when you join Young Living with us

I know you have heard us talking about Young Living essential oils and wellness products over and over again. And we are not planning on stopping either. I know you are curious, so what are you waiting for? August is a GREAT month to join Young Living. Young Living is giving a 15ml extra bottle of Cedarwood essential oil for everyone who gets the Premium Starter Kit this month. We are so excited about this promo, and our Wellness & Wanderlust digital magazine issue that we decided to amp up the promo little bit more. We are also gifting you a reference guide, so you can immediately start learning more about the oils, AND the wrap bracelet/necklace from our own ENJOY LIFE diffuser jewelry collection. The jewelry comes with a postcard and a small pouch – great for storaging the jewelry and a few oils too. This promotion is only available when you join with us, using the Young Living member number 2437916.
Give the oils try for yourself, and get the Premium Starter Kit (starting at $160 with a Dewdrop diffuser) with 11 most popular oils, including 5 oils from the Vitality-line, which work as dietary supplement or even for your recipes. I personally love NingXia Red superberry drink everyday, and you will also get a few sample pouches of that as well. One of the best ways of getting the aromatherapeutic help from the essential oils is by diffusing them. Try diffusing Lavender at the bed time for a better sleep, or Peppermint on the morning to wake up! They mix well together too. And yes — the Premium Starter Kit comes with a diffuser. Read more about the Premimum Starter Kit, and don’t wait any longer, start your wellness journey with Young Living NOW!

Why free gifts?

Why free gifts, because the Premium Starter Kit is a great deal on it’s on? Yes, true. It’s $160, but worth almost double in retail price! Well, it’s quite simple why we want to give you something else too. We don’t want you just to buy the kit, and leave it unopened. We want to help you to start using these amazing products immediately, so we will help you in any way we can. That’s why we want to send you the book to start learning about thousands of different ways to use the oils, and we want to send you the diffuser jewelry, so you can wear your oils immediately in a trendy and stylish way. Your day will be so much less stressful when you wear our jewelry with some Stress Away essential oil blend in it. Oh – in addition — we have a super cool Facebook group where we will teach you even more about the oils. Wondering who is in our group? Many of the contributors of our magazine. It’s more like an awesome community of awesome people sharing the same interest for wellness (and fashion and travel too). I know you’d love it too!

What can I really do with the oils…?

Glad you asked. Here are a few ideas what you can expect with the oils. what-can-essential-oils-do-1 what-can-essential-oils-do-2 Here are also some of the oils from the starter kit, and what you can do with them. lavender-essential-oil-uses thieves-vitality-essential-oil-uses FRANKINCENSE-OIL peppermint-vitality-essential-oil-uses digize-essential-oil-uses Read more about joining Young Living and FAQ.

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