50 Things About Me

When I had one year and 500 blog posts behind me, I published 50 Things About Me. It’s a year and six months later, and I have almost doubled that number. Yes, I’m hitting the thousand mark! While I know many of you have been reading my blog for a long time, and you already know me pretty well, I am so thankful to notice new readers here and wanted to re-post the 50 Things About Myself. I’ve had so many changes in my blog and in my life in general since I wrote this, but the list still remains almost the same. I am still me, exactly how I was back in the day. I do have some great news today though… Read on. 50 Things I like About Myself (in no specific order) 1. I am a Mom 2. of three amazing children I adore. 3. I love being married 4. and I’m crazy about my husband after almost 10 11 years of marriage. 5. I take risks in life to achieve happiness – like move to the other side of the world. 6. I am not afraid of failure, and think I bumps in the road are a blessing 7. to see world in new eyes and appreciate small things. 8. I love nature and animals. 9. I am a good listener. 10. I give people a second chance. 11. I don’t categorize people, I treat people the same who ever they are. 12. My friends come in all colors and shapes with totally opposite religious and political views 13. I’m always interested in hearing everyone’s opinion even if it isn’t the same as mine. 14. I love a good discussion with people who don’t agree with me. 15. I’m not afraid to fight for the causes I believe in 16. even if people around me don’t agree with me. 17. I love food. 18. And I am good cook. 19. I love that I’m not size 5 anymore. But I wish I was size 6. LOL 20. I am open to new ideas 21. and new adventures 22. and new places 23. and new pets 24. and new job opportunities and starting a new one today 25. and new homes 26. and I am not afraid to make changes in my life. I welcome change and new, even if it’s unknown and scary. 27. I much rather have hard times than boring times. 28. I like to dance and I’ve got some moves, and I’m not worried what other people think of them. Even if you put it on YouTube. 29. I’m creative. 30. I always have great ideas. Really, people have said this to me. 31. I’m a quick learner and excited to learn new things. 32. I’m a hard worker. 33. I always walk the extra mile even if nobody else appreciates it than me. 34. I do things well or I don’t do them at all. 35. I can sew, knit, crochet and do needlepoint. 36. I can remodel and design houses. 37. I have a crazy sense of humor. 38. And I think my sarcastic humor is brilliant, and it’s not my fault if everyone doesn’t get it. 39. I make plans, also plan B, plan C and plan D 40. and I’m actully amazingly flexible person for someone who is constantly making plans. 41. I want everyone to be happy. 42. I do things that make me unhappy if I’m able to make someone else happy. 43. I’m not afraid to give more than get. 44. I make decisions according what my gut feeling is. 45. I have a great sense of style. 46. I’m honest even when I shouldn’t. 47. I love my children and would do anything for them. 48. I am not embarrased to do crazy things with my kids. 49. I’m proud that I gave up so many things to be a devoted wife to my husband. 50. I am thankful of everything in my life.

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