6 Ways Decorate Your Home Like Coco Chanel

August 19, 2011 Katja Presnal

6 Ways Decorate Your Home Like Coco Chanel


August 19th is Coco Chanel’s birthday and we are all cuckoo over Coco. If you love the rich look of Coco Chanel’s home from the Coco Chanel’s 31 Rue Cambon Apartment pictures, here are some tips how you can get the same look for your home. 1. Coco Chanel came up with the concept of the little black dress as one of the must-have clothing pieces in your wardrobe, and she also loved to decorate with black, and especially combining it with beige and gold. Her apartment was decorated with beiges, tans, black and white. 2. Coco Chanel used room dividers and fabrics and luxurious wallpaper to decorate her home. Bring in some fabrics in rich bold prints to get the same luxurious look. 3. Bring in flowers! Camellias were Coco Chanel’s favorite flowers, and you can incorporate them in some of the fabric prints. 4. Crystals and glass ball lamp! Coco Chanel’s apartment had several crystals, golden accents and lots of mirrors. Versions of the glass ball table lamp in Chanel’s apartment in the 50’s can still be seen in most decorating stores. Chanel also liked crystal balls – maybe she was able to see into the future. 5. Add mirrors. One of the most famous elements in her apartment is the entire mirrored wall in the hallway, and you just can’t have a Chanel-inspired room without a mirror or two. Or three. One of her favorite mirrors was an eloganated octagon mirror that is in the same perfect shape as the top of every Chanel no. 5 perfume bottle. 6. Add sculptures. Coco Chanel had several statues and sculptures in her apartment, including two large deer sculptures in her living room. Large statues can be very expensive, but look for them in the antique markets – or opt-in for decorative items from less expensive stores like the deer pictured from Potter Barn. ,

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  1. Yes it’ll do the make over to a Chanel apartment inspired interior design. I’ve seen the apartment through your link and wow, it is such an elegant one. A share of old and crystal mirrors and so beautiful in harmony. Thanks for sharing this post and tips to make a Chanel inspired room. :)

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