Coffee made my boobs bigger?

UPDATE on my earlier post. Girl’s GYNO talk, can’t say that I didn’t warn ya.

I finally had my GYN appointment today to solve the birth control and PMS problems. The IUD is gone, and I just got my birth control pills. The doctor of course said, there is no way you can get pregnant with the IUD, and my feelings and symptoms of being pregnant have just been PMS. Whatever.

Well, I had another problem I hadn’t confessed about yet. My breasts. They hurt often and they have gotten bigger. A lot bigger and they get swollen right before I get my period. I was lucky to fill a 34B cup before having kids, now I can just fit into 36D. I have been sort of waiting for the happy sisters to get smaller after quitting nursing. But I already quit nursing almost 4 years ago, and they haven’t really gotten smaller.

My boobies are what medical people would call fibrocystic breasts.


– Usually you notice the symptoms right before the menstrual period.
– Swollen breasts.
– Breasts feel tender or painful.
– Breasts feel lumpy.

Interesting enough, according to MedicineNet.com “Caffeine has been implicated as contributing to both the symptoms and scarring (fibrocystic) changes in fibrocystic breast condition. However, when the scientific evidence is reviewed, the results are conflicting, and no firm benefit of caffeine restriction can be scientifically established.”

The pre-appointment survey at the clinic today asked my caffeine and alcohol consumption, and I just answered the yearly median, 3 lattes a day. But there are days I easily drink 6 (large) cups of coffee.

I couldn’t start thinking – maybe the coffee consumption has made my boobs big? Interesting. Usually they say caffeine will suppress growth, but maybe not in my case.

The doctor recommended cutting down a little bit, but my husband offered to buy me a new espresso machine.

What I find ironic here, is my mother-in-law.

She kindly whispered to my husband that nursing will “ruin boobs” when I was determined to breast feed our children. She also bought us our first espresso machine 6 years ago as a Christmas gift. I wonder if she knew that coffee will prevent me from having sagging boobs after all those years of nursing. Well done Donna! I don’t care if I have developed a little latte-addiction and my boobs feel a little tender at times, I’ve got a figure and fashionably all natural. Silicones are so out, espresso boobs are so in. This must be the Hollywood secret I just haven’t know before – now we know why everybody keeps going to Starbucks.

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  1. I just read a bunch of articles saying coffee shrinks your breasts & makes them sag. So, now I’m really confused.

  2. Recently, I started wondering about a connection between boob enlargement and caffeine. It’s not necessarily a positive one, especially if you are athletic and engage in active sports like I do (tennis, running) where your boobs are bouncing around. After menopause, my bra size went from a 32C to a 36-38DDD, very uncomfortable. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it causes upper back pain, deep crevices to form on your shoulders where your bra straps dig in, unattractive muscles to develop on your shoulders because they are working so hard to hold up your ex-large boobs that are being dragged downward by gravity all day long. I have tried to figure out why this was happening, the only thing I can think of is, perhaps, I’m drinking too much caffeine. So, I am going to do a little experiment and cut way back on the caffeine and see what happens! :-)

  3. I always had a feeling there must be some great benefits of coffee… Now I know! Thanks Katja!
    Nursing also “ruined” my boobs, but oh well, after 3 healthy, chubby kids it was well worth it. Hooray for boobs!

    …and hooray for coffee!

  4. So that’s the secret to bigger boobs, huh? I better not let my husband see this post… he’ll be setting up a Starbucks bar in our kitchen!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

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