Goat Cheese Beets Ritz Cracker Appetizer

Beets have been one of the trendiest non-gourmet food items in gourmet food the past few years. You can find a beet dish in almost any premier restaurant and often mixed with goat cheese. The mixture of these two strong tastes is a delight, and while this can be gourmet food with expensive imported goat cheese, and carefully prepared beets, it’s easy to take a few shortcuts and break out the canned beets. Here is an easy appetizer or party food, and it’s perfect whether you are hosting a Super Bowl party or want to make something new with Ritz crackers. I have all of the ingredients on hand usually, so this is also a great treat for surprise guests.

Goat Cheese Beets Ritz Cracker Appetizer

The recipe is only for 8, prep time less than 5 minutes. 8 Ritz Crackers 3 table spoons Orange Marmalade (preferably with zest) 3 tee spoons Balsamic Vinegar 8 leaves of Spinach 1 slice of Canned Sliced Beets 4 generous crumbles (depends which brand you buy) Crumbled Goat Cheese 1. Mix 3 table spoons of orange marmalade with 3 tee spoons of balsamic vinegar to make balsamic orange spread. 2. Cut sliced beets in tiny cubes and cut/crumble the goat cheese in tiny cubes. 3. Assemble: spread the balsamic orange spread on a Ritz cracker , add a spinach leaf. Brush a little bit more of the spread on the top of the spinach as well, so the beets and goat cheese will stick and stay on the top of it better. This recipe is only for 8 crackers but it’s super easy to multiply, only thing to keep an eye on is the spread ratio of orange marmalade and balsamic vinegar so it doesn’t get too runny. Ps. If you like the idea of mixing beets – check out two recipes for Beets & Goat Cheese Salad, the gourmet version, and the easy 5 minute version.

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