H&M Spring 2012 Trends: Bold Colors & Vintage Flair

H&M Bold Colors & Tangerine Tango

Did you already hear..? Tangerine Tango is the Pantone color of the year 2012? H&M is on it! Their spring collection has several pieces in this tangy orange color, for cheap prices that you’d expect from H&M. It’s easy to get on board with the bright and bold tangerine tango craze when it’s as affordable as H&M. Yes, this most likely is a color that you wouldn’t want to wear two years from now.. so you’re OK for getting your clothing and accessories in not so good quality. You can pick casual or work day looks from H&M spring collection to get a vitamin C boost for your wardrobe. I guarantee you will feel energized and ready to live life to the fullest when wearing tangerine tango. Also, check out H&M Home Spring 2012 Collection Bold Colors at Skimbaco Home – no, unfortunately the home collection is still not available in the US, but it gives you an idea how to bring these bold colors also for your home.

Vintage Flair

If the bold colors are not for you.. no worries, H&M spring 2012 collection also has a nice collection of clothing with vintage flair. In the H&M Home Collection you will see rustic influences, like pictured below, and relaxed chic Parisian style, which also continues in the clothing collection. Nautical stripes, denim and cardigans. Shorts, skinny jeans AND very flare jeans, everything goes. Denim with white for casual and dressy look. I personally wear this classic style all the time, and would recommend a better quality brand that will last for years to come to achieve this look – but if you think this look is just a spring fling, H&M is a great option.

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