Most Popular Posts in 2011 {In Case You Missed}

Most popular blog posts 2011

Most popular blog posts of 2011

What did Skimbaco Lifestyle readers enjoy reading in 2011? Here is a short overview of some of the most read posts of 2011.


What is Skimbaco Lifestyle? This is the most popular and the most read post of 2011, and it makes me happy that YOU have really wanted to learn what Skimbaco is about. Thank you. Is my husband cheating on me? I read the signs to find out! It’s a thought-provoking post and many didn’t understand that I actually never thought my husband was cheating on me. I hope it makes you think that you too can find many answers from within. Inspirational quote from Steve Jobs: Don’t waste your time living someone else’s life We lost a great innovator this year, and his inspiration keeps guiding us. Inspirational quote: Integrity is… This integrity post also really hit home for many of you and it is another popular one. Blogging as a Lifestyle Choice This post also made many think blogging differently – and hopefully your own life, even if you don’t blog. We often feel we have to do like others do, well, we don’t.


Missoni for Target – See the Clothing & Accessories Photos This was the second most read post of the year! Did you buy anything from the collection..? DIY “Home Couture” Halloween Spider Witch Costume I am thankful that so many liked the Halloween costume we did together with my tween, and a careful question – would you like more posts like this..? I am crafty, I just don’t show that part of me here often. How to Save 70% on Coach Factory Sale I hope I was able to help many of you to save money on your Coach accessories! Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Collection at KOHL’S I have to say, the Marc Anthony collection is awesome, and no wonder this was one of the top googled posts. Girls’ Night In Outfit Ideas We did a cool Twitter party for Redbook magazine with the Girls’ Night In theme and this post was one of your favorites and me too – I love the outfit ideas!


I quit my job and am starting something new The year before I felt I wasn’t living life to the fullest and started the year by quitting my job & going back to truly living Skimbaco lifestyle. I did start new things… but mainly I focused on finding happiness and balance. And I did. The phone call you never expect to receive This post is about how I found out we are moving to Sweden. We made the decision in a matter of minutes and were ready to go. Because that’s how we live life to the fullest.


Angry Birds Headquarters in Finland It was a rare opportunity to meet the inventor of Angry Birds game, and no wonder you wanted to read all about it! Why are O.B. tampons sorry? I rarely write about marketing here, even though it is one of my passions.. but this post I made it personal and sort of funny. And you liked it..? Numbers don’t lie, this is one of the most read posts of the year. Finnish Education Is the best and American Sucks? Not so fast I felt brave and voiced my opinion about education system and many of you liked the frank way I approached it. I loved writing this post – do you want to hear more what I really think..? I have opinions, often I’m just afraid to voice them all. 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class – Luxury SUV for Living Life to the Fullest I liked the Mercedes too, but you really liked it, and this was the most popular what I could call “a product review” post, which I rarely even write. Would you like to hear my opinion of cars or other products more often?


7 Keys To Happiness Because it’s an awesome post, and who wouldn’t want to be happier? (Read it) How to Dress Up a white Hanes tee Every wardrobe must have: a white Hanes tee – because you can dress it up in so many ways! 25 Bloggers Share their Best Girlfriend Tips I wrote this together with 25 of my girlfriends, and I loved it too!!!


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